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Microsoft bluetooth mouse

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by gaomay, Mar 4, 2003.

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    Can the Microsoft Bluetooth mouse work with OSX.2?
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    NO. Others have tried (do a search on these forums) and it doesn't work. The root cause appears to be that Apple have not included the Bluetooth HID profile Mac OSX yet (because it is not a finished spec yet).
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    Kinda puts a damper on Apple releasing a bluetooth mouse for OS X and time in the near future.

    Is bluetooth really the way that some people would want to go with their mouse connection? I would think, with bluetooth's clumsiness of jumping around the spectrum, that it would not be reasonable.
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    I returned my Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse because of it's terrible performance. The mouse tracking was totally inconsistent.
  5. ntg
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    MS Mice

    I was hoping for a bluetooth Apple mouse, but understood it would not come soon. Instead, I have bought a MS Wireless Optical (RF type, CE0560) and so far it seems pretty good. It's slightly smaller than the older 5-button Intellimouse Explorer Optical, which means it feels more comfortable over long periods of use. It's also nice not to have wires to break (I have a break on the original soap apple and also the Intellimouse, both of which now give intermittent action!)

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