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MIDI controller not working after upgrade to logic 9

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by ashjamben, Nov 1, 2009.

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    i upgraded to logic 9 and while ago and realised it made my midi keyboard stop working. i presumed it broke, as i hadn't used it for a few weeks before anyway, so never thought much of it. now when i've tried it on a friends system with logic 8 it works fine?

    this is starting to really annoy me, that i can't get it to work! i've tried various usb cables, and looked in the audio midi setup and when it plugs in the 'midilink' icon lights up but still nothing. i have upgraded to snow leopard too, but my friends is on snow leopard aswell so i've counted that out.

    anyone any idea if this is fixable?
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    What brand is the MIDI keyboard? How is it connected and have you downloaded latest drivers from the manufacturers website?

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    haha that might be the problem. my mates oxygen v2 works fine, mines a carillon? apparently they're re-branded miditech stuff, but can't find drivers for that either.

    i think its time to get a better keyboard anyway, thinking about the axiom. or possibly a microkorg. we'll see.

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