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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by bobsmith50, Dec 4, 2006.

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    Hi All. I'm just completing a musical project in Logic, my first foray into DAWs. To me, it's a step jump in the professionalism of song production. What I would like to do now is go back to some of my previous work and upgrade it. I have a starting point in my old MIDI sequence data files. Previously, I used an old Mac PowerPC (i.e., no USB or firewire connections and just a floppy drive) and Performer software (not Digital Performer) for sequencing. Does anyone know a way I can transfer these MIDI sequences into Garage Band or Logic on my iMac G5 as a starting point for updating the old songs. They are still in the old computer and I also have them on floppies. Appreciate the help.
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    lord patton


    Well, I can't help you with the floppies! :eek:

    But you can drag a .mid file right into GarageBand. The results will require tweaking. The instruments might have to be changed, and you may have an extra track of nothingness, but you'll have your stuff.

    I haven't tried this with extensive controller data or program changes, mind you.

    For best results, start with a blank project.
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    Thanks, Lord Patton

    Appreciate your info. Finally got around to this. Performer has a save option for "standard Midi files," which I did, then I put them all on floppy. I put the floppy into an old PC with both a floppy drive and USB port. Once I had them on my USB flash drive, I transferred them into the iMac. The key was renaming the files, which had no real extension, .mid files (per your guidance). Once this was done, Logic opened them right up. Thx again........Bob

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