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Miss USA crowned Miss Universe

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by obeygiant, Dec 19, 2012.

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    Yay! However I thought Miss Australia was incredible.

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    It always seemed a bit arrogant to me to give out the 'Universe' title when only participants from Earth are invited.

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    I bet you $5 that she's actually a man.
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    Okay. I mean I saw the bathing suit competition. I can assure you there's nothing there.

    We should schedule a closer inspection just to be sure tho. :D
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    So wonderful to see the sensibilities of the 1950's regarding women are not dead.

    :rolleyes: ;)
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    Works for me :D
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    They're all gorgeous...
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    I bet you $10K that there is a porn video of her somewhere that will pop up by January.

    By the way... the sensation was the answer of the Venezuelan chick... she just didn't make any sense.
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    I thought it was me, couldn't figure it out either. By trying to impress the judges with her English, she sounded very confused. She would have been better off answering in Spanish, through that interpreter.

    In the beginning, Miss Argentina caught my eye, but after she didn't make the first cut to 16, I was rooting for Miss USA and the exotic looking Miss Philippines, and wasn't surprised both beauties made it all the way to the end. Thought that evening gown of Miss Philippines was spectacular.
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    Maybe I need to actually watch these pageants, but what exactly are they supposed to accomplish, asides from arousing a few men? (and possibly women)
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    miss philippines is very pretty, she's the prettiest filipina woman i've seen ever. too bad she had to go against miss usa against her home turf
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    All hail narcissism!


    Accomplish? :confused:

    It's a contest that encourages us to respect someone because they are "better looking" than others. It's incredibly shallow and teaches people all over the world that looks are to be worshipped above everything else. I've seen enough of these to know that when any question and answer session comes up you're better off changing the channel than weeping for humanity.
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    That's essentially what I'm getting at...
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    Sorry, I was using your post as a rhetorical springboard for mine, clearly we are in agreement. :eek:
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    They raise awareness about the lack of maps in South Africa and The Iraq everywhere like such as

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    This always makes me laugh.

    And then cry.
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    Haha, that chick is on something...

    Clearly she is one of the 20% of Americans that can't read a map or know anything about the rest of the world.
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    First time I've seen that video, same effect. I worry the crying will last longer than the laughing.
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    I guess its cool to always refer to the lowest common denominator. :)
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    Miss USA isn't even that attractive. Miss Australia, though, is glorious.
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    Or Miss Brazil!
  22. likemyorbs, Dec 31, 2012
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    This is just political correctness to stupid levels. So what if there's a show that emphasizes the physical beauty of women? Get over it. If anyone is offended that it doesn't focus on inner beauty, don't watch it. I for one enjoy it.
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    Absolutely agree! I didn't watch but I wonder what are the grading criteria other than beauty.
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    What the hell was politically correct about what I said? And that's just my opinion on trash shows, which I don't watch. Didn't realize that to post in this thread you had to enjoy trash, not just have an opinion on it.
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    This is what i dug up.

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