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missing keyword?

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by kevinrichardsuk, Jun 17, 2008.

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    I need to send an integer back to my AppDelegate instance, from a class instance created by it.

    [AppDelegate setNumber:1];
    This presumes the method in AppDelegate is +(void)setNumber and hence won't allow access to my instance variables. I understand I'm sending a message to AppDelegate and not an instance of it..

    Am I missing a keyword (such as self) to access the instance of AppDelegate?

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    As I understand it, you're trying to send a message to the AppDelegate class object from an AppDelegate instance.

    Your code above is fine, but I would consider the following best practise:

    [[self class] setNumber:1];
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    Thanks for the reply. I'll try and explain a bit better..

    I've created an instance of a custom UIView (called TestView) from the AppDelegate instance. I've added a subview to that view, which can be pressed.

    The press event triggers -(void)touchesBegan in my TestView instance, I need to pass [touch view] back to my AppDelegate instance for processing, but I don't know how to reference my instance of AppDelegate, only the class object..
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    It sounds like you should be subclassing UIControl rather than UIView. UIControl has a target/action facility which allows controllers to register for callbacks messages (actions) when the user interacts with the control.

    Otherwise, you could pass the AppDelegate instance to your view using a custom init method, and keep it around as an instance variable, but this is not good design, as it creates an unnecessary dependency between the view object and the controller.
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    Nutter - thanks, you've been very helpful.

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