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ML DP2 on separate partition of internal HDD?

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by chenks, Apr 7, 2012.

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    Can I create a separate partition on the internal HDD in MBP and install ML DP2 on that?

    Would it screw with the default boot OS?
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    Yes, that will work.

    I have an external HDD partitioned with 12 partitions, 4 partitions with Mac OS X installers from 10.5 to 10.8 and four partitions with OS installs from 10.5 to 10.8.
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    i'm talking about the internal HDD though, still no problem?
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    I know, it doesn't matter, unless you **** things up. If your internal HDD can be partitioned, then you can partition it and use the second partition to install your Developer Preview of ML to install onto.
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    I just did this myself. 2 partitions - Lion and ML. I just switch booting up through systems preferences | startup disk. I wanted to test compatibility with my apps on ML. What's neat is that I still have access all my existing data between OSs.

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    a word of caution....

    I've had 10.8 installed on a separate partition of my internal HD on my iMac that also houses 10.7. Works flawless, until you want to remove 10.8 (if you just wanted to stop testing or for whatever else...) it's a bit tricky.

    You can't just try to remove the 10.8 partition from within 10.7 using Disk Utility, as they are on the same mounted volume. You can try, but when I did just that I wasn't able to resize the original Macintosh HD partition (that has 10.7 on it) to its original full size.

    What you have to do is boot from an older install DVD (I used my old SL installation disk), then enter the disk utility from within that to complete the process of removing the ML partition and then resizing the original partition - the reason is that you need your Macintosh HD unmounted to perform the process. It's still painless and takes seconds to do but I haven't found another sure way of removing 10.8 when installed on the same HD as 10.7 as that. Maybe someone else has.
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    got it installed on second partition.
    only snag i have is that the mac app store won't let me install apps as i thinks they are already installed as it can see them on the 10.7 partition.

    any way round this ?
  8. ATC
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    When logged into your ML account, goto finder and right-click Macintosh HD on the left hand side, and select Eject to un-mount it. Restart the Mac App Store and now it won't see what's already installed under 10.7 so you can install whatever you already have purchased or downloaded - it should offer the Install option rather than show apps as already installed.

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