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ML update?

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by Drew017, Mar 30, 2012.

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    Since Lion is still the most stable release of (Mac) OS X, I'm gonna stick with it until ML is released. However, when it is released, how will it be distributed? I've heard mixed opinions. Some say it will be a software update, some say it will be a paid update, like Lion was. I'm guessing that will be the case, because we haven't had a free udate since 10.0- 10.1! I'm sure that it will be a paid update, just like Leopard -> Snow Leopard. The Mac app store distribution is fine, but I hope Apple doesn't take away the USB installer for those who still have, like Leopard or something. Any thoughts/ comments?
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    Like almost every other OS upgrade it will be a paid update and it will be MAS only (No USB dongle this time - not enough demand). Just like Lion was. I think the price was even confirmed to be the same as Lion
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    Price has been confirmed yet. They've said they're moving to a yearly update cycle like iOS however so I'm expecting prices to drop or possibly even become free upgrades each year.
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    Hmmm... I see now that there isn't much need for the USB sticks. Perhaps they will make them as a special order?

    I don't see ANY reason to update yearly! That doesn't make much sense... For iOS maybe, but not Mac. The previous system (update every 2 years or so) I think works better, because it gives people/ developers time to create good apps and use them. It also doesn't push the consumer to spend so much money on new upgrades every 12 months. If they make it free, though, It would make sense. However, I still don't see the need to update THAT often because some consumers (Not me, but I know some!) need about 6 months to a year to learn and get used to new features. Then a new OS comes out 5 months later? Also, will they come out with a bunch of new system requirements that make me not able to upgrade? My Mac just missed Developer preview requirements for ML! It may not get 10.9!

    That said, I really do love the Mountain/ Lion features, and I think all the upgrades to the current OS X will be great. I just hope that iOS and OS X don't become iOSX!

    And Apple is running out of cats...
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    My theory is they want Mac people conformable with the yearly updates and they also want to transition OS X to OS 11 faster which I think iOS = OS 11.
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    I disagree. Apple has stated they aren't ever going to make a full on touchscreen computer. iOS and OS X will still be separated.
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    It's already a special order for the Lion usb drive and it didn't sell that well. Not to mention, you can also just download it from MAS and build your own stick.

    You're assuming that they'll including the same amount of updates into the same yearly OS update. They aren't. They're doing less change per update (including their APIs) and spread it out over the time instead of packing all of the changes into the same OS update every two years.

    This can actually increase stability of OS X because the change management is easier to handle and easier to release updates to fix the bugs rather than to deal with a bug that's harder to find because you made 1000+ changes in Lion. Instead, you made 250+ changes in ML and you have an easier time to hunt the bugs down. Not to mention, it's easier to optimize 250+ changes than it is to do 1000+. That's why many people reported that ML is much faster, they're optimizing based on reports from Lion.

    Some developers can even choose release updates to their apps that syncs up with the OS X releases. Kind of like Twitter for Mountain Lion, Twitter for 10.9, Twitter for 10.10 and so on.

    Also, many of their apps are basically standalone now. They're releasing not only updates to OS X but also to their apps. Apple's kind of slow with their app updates. Look at iLife/iWork as an example, this might give him incentive to do yearly updates to all of their apps and bundle it into the OS update.
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    I took that in consideration when I made the post :)
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    Then what did you mean?

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