MOBY is a SWITCHER, wrong way round? Proof?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by gotohamish, Oct 3, 2002.

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    Okay, watching Ally McBeal here in the UK last night, I'm turned away during the ads, but I hear Moby's We Are All Made of Stars....

    I think "Moby", don't think too much of his tunes, but he was in the Apple iPod video, and took Apple show tents on tour, "might be a good guy"!

    But what's the ad for? The Intel Pentium 4 Processor.

    Has Moby Switched? Or is it just the record company holding the leash?

    Hmm. What are your thoughts? :confused:
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    so what? they just used one of his songs? that doesn't mean HE switched...

    and besides.. who cares??

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    Moby Is An Add Whore

    I don't mean this in any particularly nasty way but Moby is a total Add Whore. The main reason the Play got so much airtime was the fact that he sold every song on the album to add people. Many of the songs appeared in multiple adds. I thought he was trying to stay away from that sort of stuff with 18, but it looks like he had a change of heart and has started to sell out some more.
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    My apologies, why did you read the thread if you feel ike this? I just would have thought he would feel strongly about this - it's obviously just about money.
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    Sorry if I sounded like I was ticked off.. I wasn't... I do like Moby.. but I just think that he himslef would have had to agree to let the song be used.. unless he sold the copywrites...

    Also.. Moby just might not be such a Mac geek as we thought...

    Anyways.. as you said, at the end it's all about the money... it's all about the... now was that song by Moby?.. nah...

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    [edit] oops [/edit]

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    Re: Moby Is An Add Whore

    [/knit picking mode on]

    it's ads, or ad, not adds or add!!!

    [/knit picking mode off]
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    Aw ****. I'm gonna have to drop my PC Service client that I do ads for since doing ads for them promotes the wintel platform.

    I'm a bad bad bad man.

    It's all about surviving TODAY so I can buy macs tomorrow. Especially in this economy. take the cash from where you can. Even if its a PC company.

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    Moby stinks.........wuss music.
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    I WILL punch a man who doesn't like moby.

    :D :D :D :D
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    "It's over let go, your to old, nobody listens to techno"
    -Slim Shady

    Who say's he's alway wrong??:D
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    Re: Moby Is An Add Whore

    absolutely correct. and who really cares what celebrities use macs? sure its cool to see tony hawk or will ferrel in an apple add, but i dont use a computer just because famous people tell me to.
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    I wouldn't exactly call his music pure techno... I've never much cared for Moby either so I thought that little confrontation was amusing. :)
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    you could punch me but that doesnt mean you won't get your ass whooped :D
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    I do like Moby.
    I even own Moby cds
    (and I only buy cds if they're Really worth buying, like:
    Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness by The Smashing Pumpkins,
    A Rush Of Blood To The Head by Coldplay,
    Post Orgasmic Chill by Skunk Anansie,
    The Man Who by Travis,
    Melody A.M. by Röyksopp,
    and all Aphex Twin cds).

    If someone here owns the Play cd, check the booklet for his little essay.
    Moby isn't an Eminem, who thinks he's all that and wants to get rich at lightspeed, so he can sue the hell out of his ex-wife and mother...
    Moby used to be a 'rockartist'. First he didn't want to sell out, but hey, artists need to eat as well ;)

    Anyway, I think it went a bit like this way:
    "We want to use that Moby tune!"
    Recordcompany (usually dorks):
    "Alright, that's $xxxxxxxxx!"

    Recordcompany to Moby:
    "Intel's using your tune, here's ten bucks."
    "Thank God I got to keep that iPod from the Apple ad"

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    Now that's just not fair on short people who like electronic music :D

    I'm only 5' 6" and I listen to techno, you know that Good kind that's not pop at all, comes from a city in the US famous for cars... yeah eminem, no one listens to techno and you come from the motherland of techno (anyone heard of Juan Atkins, Carl Craig ??). I'm sure eminem said that, safe in the knowledge that absolutely everyone respects and admires the egotistical rants and endless prejudice and slur that rap music is (mostly) full of don't they ?

    And as for wuss music, any so called 'punk' band that's sprung up since (and including) greenday is the height of wuss music, it's the wussiest form of music there is without it actually not even being music. I mean it's mindless, repetitive, forulaeic, lyrically stagnent sh!7e that's only plus point is the fact that ocassionally, with the right amount of alcohol, in the right club, one of 2 songs really get everyone going!

    How many more, chuggy, chug, chug, chuggy, chuggy, chug, chug. type riffs and shouty, meaningless lyrics are they going to keep using ? It's B0110CKS! They should put their guitars away and get that job in McDonald's they knew they had all the intelligence for when they were in high school.

    And as for most of the UK garage... don't get me started on what Eric Morillo and Armand Van Helden should be doing to those wusses... Garage ? It's more shed really, with hints of outhouse.
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    It would have been much funnier if you could spell.

    It's over, let go - you're too old - nobody listens to techno.


    The grammar nazi.
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    Re: Re: Moby Is An Add Whore

    It's also nit picking... not knit picking... but then I am sure you're just being ironic, and not actually a complete ass.
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    Re: MOBY is a SWITCHER, wrong way round? Proof?

    a local band from here had one of their songs on a playlist on the ipod adds lol...and im pretty sure they probably use pc's (concidering microsoft sponsored the tour for communications sort of stuff..atleast thats wha it said in the tour guide)
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    Eminem is cheesier than a Wotsit :p :p :p
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    I read a quote somewhere that said something like "The company (record company) didn't even tell me Intel was going to use my Track. I really hope to figure out why my song was used in the commerical. Since I'm a mac user, I was really angered when I saw my commerical."
    Something like that, he talked to a newspaper about it.

    I hate that the record companys can so basically anything they want with peoples songs and tracks.
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    I don't care what kind of computer I used. If I was a die hard mac user and I wrote a cool song and a company like intel wanted to show, i would. I may like macs but I like money more. I don't think he is a switcher, just got some extra cash he probably will never need.

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    Re: Moby Is An Add Whore

    believe it or not *every* song on that album was commercialized. i saw some show on vh1 that pointed out a commercial for every single track on that album.
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    Wow, you're hip. Just add some White Stripes and Yo La Tengo to that and you're basically guaranteed a job at Sam Goody. Don't forget to wear your best tight-fitting, well-worn second hand clothes to the interview!
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    I like Moby, because he sold out

    I like Moby, because he sold out.

    If he hadn't "sold out" I probably wouldn't have ever heard his music since it wasn't getting any airplay whatsoever. Furthermore, he made the experiences of watching some movies or sitting through commercials a lot better. And hey, he got paid for it. Not to mention the fact that it was either letting them use his music or let them steal it and then we would have to listen to cheesy knock-offs.

    Some factettes:

    All time album with the most commercial/movie/tv licensees:
    Moby - Play

    First album to have every song commercial/movie/tv licensed:
    Sex Pistols - Never Mind the Bullocks

    All time band with the most commercial/movie/tv licensees:

    I think he's in good company.

    Even more amazing is that Play became #1 within a very short time after its release.

    As for the Intel ad...I think it's funny. Remember when those fly-through ads were aired that were created on Macs? It's just like that. Just tell people, oh, you do know the music for this ad was created with a Mac?

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