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Modding ML...

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by fisherking, Jul 27, 2012.

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    for those who do this sort of thing, and know enough to be cautious:

    http://www.loginox.branox.com - to change the login screen

    http://macupdate.com/app/mac/44252/ncbackgrounder - change the notification center background

    http://www.maxthemes.com - black menubar (read first, you'll need a white clock, etc)

    http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/44248/mountain-tweaks - kill the leather in calendar, and a bunch of other good stuff

    http://gpopper.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d46hook - a much better-looking iTunes

    read instructions! and backup the originals of anything first (if need be). but all these things are working well on my macbook pro.
    any other stuff, post here! and if anyone knows how to hack the dock...(i used to remove the scurve files, and had a transparent dock)...


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    Thank you for this. I love the dark panel ;)
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    i just chose a black background; it looks good (or can look really bad LOL) with more involved images).

    am not into the linen...

    now am just waiting for candybar...
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    Me either fisherking :eek:
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    mirage - gives you a completely clear dock (altho removing the scurve files in lion gave u a clear dock WITH reflections...which i miss...)
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    I had the dark top menu bar in Lion - however, when ever I switched from an App to another or to a different screen, it would flicker white first.

    Does it still do this?
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    Feed Me

    Me neither.
    Good lord man.

    Is the iTunes skin just for the Mini player?
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    tander, have never seen a flicker (not in lion, not now), so...not sure what you were experiencing.

    feed me: the itunes skin works in the full window, looks great. looks amazing in the mini window...
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    I had the flickering but it was with an app called MenuBarFilter (it has a panda bear as an icon). Was a great little app that worked perfectly for tweaking the menubar, no worry about any menubar icons not being white, did all the work. As an ADC member, I used it with 10.8 DP's and it always caused flickering with certain app's so I stopped using it.

    As for the dock, I always modded it by replacing the scurve*png's with glossy black images. It allowed me to determine the open app's much quicker. I never understood why Apple engineers chose to use light colored orb indicators on a silver dock. Now that the dock.app has been modded, I don't know what files need to be replaced. Interesting to note that the file names mirror iOS file names (ex @2x.png, etc). The dock seems to consist of many smaller images, making it more arduous to modify.

    A MacRumors member was able to get a black 10.8 dock. However, it negated the ability to uncheck "Group windows by application" in "Mission Control", and having an "All Windows" "Exposé" option in 10.8 was too important to live without.

    I wrote "Panic", the makers of "CandyBar", about a 10.8 update. Their response was less than enthusiastic.
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    candybar now works with 10.8, although the only dock option is the 2D; i used mirage to make an 'invisible' dock (not as cool as what i used to do, also removing the scurve files...a clear, reflective dock). but for now...

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    Wow! You're right, an update for CandyBar was just released. Based on their reply I thought they were dropping support. Definitely beats changing all the files manually and/or changing the systemversion plist to 10.7. Thanks! :)
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    @Feed me, Are you the grammar police? Oh, by the way, I'm not a "man." Sheesh :eek:
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