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monitor blacklight problems

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by scem0, Jul 6, 2004.

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    I bought a Gateway FPD1830 monitor a year or so ago, and I haven't been happier with a computer purchase until this week. It has always been very bright and there aren't any dead pixels. But lately when I turn it on it flickers (the correct image) and then dies. The power LED is still green. I can still do things on the computer when it is off. It is acting exactly like a florescent light that is going bad, which is precisely what a backlight is.

    So it seems pretty clear to me that all I have to do is spend $15.00 to replace the backlight, rather than spending hundreds of dollars getting it repaired somewhere else or buying a new one.

    But can I be sure it's the backlight? I have no reason to believe otherwise, but I just want to be very sure before I make any purchases. I don't know too much about LCD's so I'd feel much better if I wasn't making repair decisions based on my knowledge alone.


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    Oh, actually, there is one thing that makes me think it may not be the backlight. It flickers and then dies, but occasionally it catches and stays on. Instead of flickering for 3 seconds and then going black it flickers for 7 or 8 and then stays on and works perfectly. The monitor hasn't been dimming at all either.

    As long as I don't turn it off after it catches then it will stay on, and work as it should.

    This leads me to believe that it could be the inverter, but I don't know enough to be sure.

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    I found this post after searching for "Gateway FPD1830 problems."

    I'm having the exact same problem!

    I bought a Gateway FPD1830 about a year ago, it's worked perfectly, and all of a sudden whenever bringing it out of sleep, it flickers and dies.

    I've found several temporary fixes, but they're starting to work less and less: if you do an auto align (the up or down arrow buttons below the screen when the menu isn't active) or automatically set the source (whatever that does... the source/set button the right) over and over again, the picture tends to get caught and be perfect again. Also, I've noticed moving the mouse a lot, so there's movement on the screen tends to help catch the image while hitting those buttons.

    In any case, I really really wanna figure out a solution. Also, given the ridiculous similarity of our stories... maybe Gateway should be fixing it for us?
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    I can't contact them, I have an international S# which doesn't work with their site.

    I sent them an email with a fake serial number (0101010101) to no avail.

    Did they give any good instructions on how to fix this problem?


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    Nah, they didn't help at all. Even though the site definitely says they provide support for all products with the Gateway logo, they wouldn't help because I didn't purchase through them.

    I'm pretty sure it's the backlight, because when I shine a flashlight next to the screen, I can make out the display (and it's not a burned image, cuz it shows movement).

    Do you know how easy backlight replacement may be? I can't seem to find any business that repairs LCD monitors in DC metro area.
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    I don't think it's the backlight, it's the inverter. I had this exact problem on my DOA iMac: flickering display that would sometimes come on and then go off. When it finally died the dispaly would still light up briefly (looking perfect) for about a second and then go black when coming out of sleep. When the screen went black you could hold a flashlight up to the display to read it. (That's how I was able to burn my data to a CD in order to send the unit back.)

    I did a lot of searching, including on these forums, before I found out on the Apple web site that this was a "fairly common" iMac problem; the inverter going out in the arm.

    So I just want to point out that it may not be the backlight at all. In fact if you can get the light to come on at all -- no matter how briefly -- then I'd say it's the inverter.
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    Yeah, then I suppose it is in the inverter.

    See, not only can I get it on at all, I can get it on indefinitely. Once I can get the image to lock, I can set my computer to never turn of the monitor in the power settings and then there's no problem at all until I have to turn the monitor off.

    Is the inverter easily replaceable/repairable?
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    exactly - but I hate leaving the LCD on all day and all night. Mine's been on for 4 days now.... :eek:

    and you can buy a FPD1830 inverter:
    but it costs $100 :(.

    I'm 17, I can't afford this... I spent all the money i had on buying the monitor in the first place...

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    Yeah, that's a fourth of what I paid for the monitor itself.

    This sucks.
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    I'm tempted to call Gateway and bitch until they do something. Then again, they probably can't do anything because of my international Serial Number...

    Then again, maybe a wire is just loose or something and a jiggle or two might fix it.

    Whatever the case, if you get it fixed, post what you did here.

    I'll be in China with Kalamazoo College till the 29th.

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    I shelled out the hundred bucks for a new inverter. Installation was almost effortless and my monitor's working again, good as new.
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    Good to hear that.

    I guess I'll do the same... I'm still bitter about it though :mad:.

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    Monitor Backlight Clues

    I had one of these monitors fail, did some checking around, and found this forum. On the inverter board there is a surface mount component labelled "F1". I thought that this might be a fuse. I checked it with my ohm meter, and the fuse was open (supposed to be closed). I think that this fuse could be the cause of the problem. The board I ordered for this monitor should be coming soon, that way I might be able to tell what this company is doing to fix these boards. I'm guessing that they might be blowing what I belive to be this fuse, for no reason? If not, what component on this board is doing this? Will try to update in the next week or so.

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