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Monitor for Photographer

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by stonegammage, Nov 27, 2011.

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    Looks like you missed the requested price from the OP by 100 dollars here ...


    It looks close ( and maybe the same model? ) as an acer I bought several months ago from Best Buy. My monitor does work well and the resolution is nice and to me is at a good price point.
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    With a budget of $130 your only hope is to spend as much as you can on any monitor and pray. Generally speaking, you can get just about any display and calibrate it with something like Spyder or the likes. That alone will set you back a good $100+. Your budget is truly limiting if you need spot on color accuracy.
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    Spot On I'm Afraid

    With the OP's budget I find it hard to suggest anything new that will meet his / her needs, especially with wildlife photography. What about looking into refurbs? Might be able to pick up a good one from Apple....I work with video and still photography and music, and use a 27" iMac. I would suggest the OP gives Apple a call, you never know.

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