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Monitor For The Mini

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by iMas70, Nov 14, 2012.

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    I've narrowed my search down to 24-27". Would like to go with a 27" if I can find a decent one for $400. or less (bumped my origional price up). While searching, I've come up with these links that might be helpful for others that are doing the same thing that I am -




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  3. milkmandan, Nov 14, 2012
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    The Auria EQ276W 27" IPS LED monitor for $399 at microcenter.
    is a good monitor. and works with mac mini 2012.


    - Cheap
    - Supports 2560x1440 @ 27" 60hz
    - Has DP, HDMI, DL-DVI, VGA and 2x3W Speakers.
    - Has warranty iirc, and MC return/exchange/refund policy (which is awesome). If it's bad, just exchange.

    - The DisplayPort plug on the monitor is backwards. Makes it VERY HARD to remove a DP plug if you've plugged it in.
    - Has a gloss coating, because of the way they did construction there is a chance dust maybe behind the coating leading to stuck like pixels.
    - Panels are Grade A or A-, NOT A+. So don't expect perfection.
    - Stand is terrible. But you can get a replacement from monoprice or amazon.
  4. iMas70, Nov 14, 2012
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    My primary complaint with that Dell display (and Apple's Thunderbolt...) is the apparent lack of any kind of height adjustment. This particular Dell display appears to be a copy of the Thunderbolt/iMac stand. I experienced serious neck problems using an iMac that has a similar design flaw and I am average height at 5'10".

    TFT Central is a great place for info on LCD displays. That particular Dell isn't reviewed but if you enter the model in the monitor and laptop search fields you can obtain the panel manufacturer info via the monitor panel database link.

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    Good info, thanks!

    What are thought about a regular computer monitor vs using a TV. The person that I was talking to for awhile suggested maybe using a tv because I can get more/a bigger size for the money. When I asked if he suggests a certain brand, he mentioned Samsung to be a good choice. I can probably get a nice 32" for around $300.00.
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    Some of you are probably thinking "I wish he would just buy something!" :)

    Years ago I never really paid to much attention to specs. I would just see a monitor and order it without weighing the benefits and drawbacks. Plus, it was a lot easier then. There are so many options now!

    After spending about 2 1/2 hours in Best Buy tonight, I've narrowed it down to these -


    Dell 24" - S2440L - Nice looking monitor, picture looks good, I like the look of the end to end glass but noticed that it was very reflective. Might look different at home. The room it will be in isn't lit up like the store.


    Samsung 27" - It also looked good, a little bigger display and no glare.

    And then there are 3 Samsung TVs. I'll say that each of them have a good picture as a TV. The first two are 720p and the last is 1080. I wouldn't mind the 26". I'm currently looking at a 30" as I type this. I sit 28" away from the screen so I don't know if 32" will be to big. I think the 30" is fine at that distance.

    26" 780p - http://www.samsung.com/us/video/tvs/UN26EH4000FXZA

    32" 780p - http://www.samsung.com/us/video/tvs/UN32EH4003FXZA

    32" 1080p - http://www.samsung.com/us/video/tvs/UN32EH5000FXZA

    I don't have to have the best display. Just something that looks nice for e-mail, while surfing the net and editing pictures (non-professional). Not award winning but something that I can still look at and think that it looks good. I'll probably stray away from the 1080. But looking at the rest, what do you guys suggest?

    I promise I'll buy something soon and not make anymore monitor posts except to tell you what I get and how I like it! :) Off to the Apple Site to order my Mini now...
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    U2412 from dell is a great monitor. Looks real good using it with my Mac Mini via HDMI-DVI adapter. Dont cheap out on the most important part, remember your going to be looking at it all the time so dont cut corners.
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    I have this. Using it right now. It's not bad but I keep futzing with the settings all day. Looks good for the moment after I've set it. But when I come back hours later I need to change things again.

    I'm slightly debating the S2340M, it has IPS and looks sharper to me but the design isn't as slick as the S2440L.

    Honestly though... I don't think I'll ever be satisfied with any monitor that isn't the Thunderbolt Display.
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    What screens are you using for the Mini

    Hi There...
    Im in waiting times and will likely buy an iMac or a Mini...
    and right now the iMAC seem to have issues...lookin at the iMAC forum...

    So if I buy a Mini...
    What screens would be good buys??
    I want a "21" or "23" or "24" a 27 inch screen is to big for me...
    And of course I want really good performance on the screen...

    And very important a really nice design as similar to an Apple screen as possible...
    So any tips??

    Apple only sells 27inch screen now as it seems so thats why I would not buy an Apple screen...

    So what are you using out there??
    best regards micke:)
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    Ok, I went with the 24" Dell S2440L -


    Not a bad monitor. Found a great price online ($199.99) and Best Buy matched it. I haven't had much time to use it today but one thing that I'm having a hard time getting used to is the small text. I'm used to the other monitors that I've used. Last one was a 1280x768. Picture is much better but everything is smaller on the screen. I played with the settings a little but then sites didn't look right on the screen. I'll mess around with more when I have more time later.

    Is there any setting that I should try or should I goto a bigger monitor? I used 19" monitors before I went to the last one (30"). They were lower resolution so the text and everything on the screen was what I consider "normal".
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    agree with MrXiro about the s2440l, i have one myself. Physically it's a nice display with the edge to edge cover and touch controls, but it definitely is not anywhere near optimum out of the box and seems to drift in it's settings as well
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    I've since downloaded an app called Shades for my Mac Mini. Using the downloaded profile that you recommended with slightly higher contrast (65) and medium brightness (50) I was able to finally find a color profile I enjoyed with the monitor. The problem is that the contrast levels don't gel... when you get the whites the colors the right contrast the screen is too bright.

    with Shades I was able to darken the screen and get the exact color and contrast I was looking for.
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    Have you tried printing with Shades enabled? It can cause some problems matching prints to a display because of how it works...
  15. Lancer, Nov 16, 2012
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    How does something like this 24" BenQ compare, I've been using one on my G5 PM for the last few months with no complaints. It's around $200 here in Australia.

    It's matte finish and I've got it opposite a window and there is no noticeable glare on the screen.
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    DELL U2212HM IPS LED monitor

    Get it cheaper at Dell Small Business Outlet
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    Just picked up an ASUS PB278Q for my mac mini. Fantastic display, hooked up to the Mini via miniDP to DP through the Thunderbolt port. Yes, this does mean I am down a TB port, but I don't have any additional TB devices, so not to worry.


    Getting full 2560x1440 resolution, zero flicker issues.
    Minus the 1 dead red sub-pixel in the bottom left corner, monitor is great. Highly recommend.
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    I'm not familiar with that monitor but I do recall reading some positive things about BenQ displays.

    TFT Central has an in-depth review of the 2450HM. There are three 2450 models that use the same LCD panel.

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    The BenQ above is 16:9 also, which I don't mind.
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    Dell Ultrasharp u2412m: 24", 16:10, USB 2.0 hub. Just lowered to $279.99 on Amazon. Great reviews (4.5 stars/141 reviews)

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    For those with the Dell s2440l or BenQ VA monitors, did you need to use that graphics hack to get contrast working properly via hdmi?

    I know with nvidia cards, monitors that use hdmi ports don't display blacks correctly... just not sure if the same situation exists for intel graphics or not. What happens with nvidia people is the black range is restricted (the pc thinks it's a tv, not a monitor) resulting in worse contrast and a so-so picture overall.

    The Dell 23" IPS shouldn't really 'beat the heck' out of the s2440l, if set up correctly. Blacks and contrast of the s2440l should blow away the 23" IPS, in fact (probably get around 3000:1 contrast or so with the s2440l, and lucky if it's 1000:1 with the IPS screen). Main advantage to IPS should be viewing angles and perhaps a tiny bit less ghosting when gaming. But both the Dell IPS and VA have been reviewed as having some overshoot, so they may not be ideal for fast gaming anyway.

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