More Apple Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Proof

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Sep 5, 2003.

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    MacBidouille posts more proof of an upcoming Apple Wireless Keyboard and Mouse.

    Error messages in 10.2.7 reveal low-battery warning messages.

    Previous screenshots from Panther referenced the same items.
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    This is getting boring, Apple you can bring em on now.
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    That's how I feel. I am actually kind of suprised that apple hasn't even acknowledged that they have plans for a wireless keyboard and mouse even though it is pretty much out in the open.

    And another thing that puzzles me is how MacBidouille says its still just a rumor at the end of that post. It seems clear as day to me that apple will be releasing a wireless keyboard and mouse. :confused:

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    i doubt these new mice and keyboard will be all that spectacular. I mean, Apple would have been much more careful about the leaks in Panther if it was so revolutionary. But they didn't care if we all knew about them before hand.

    Not typical Apple.
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    you know what would be cool?

    It would be cool to have an Ipod and dock with bluetooth connectivity instead of firewire, (as long as the speed is up to par) and what would be even cooler would be to have the whole back of the iPod be a charging surface like linear induction chargin on the Sonicare toothbrushes, no port on the bottom or anything, maybe even blue tooth headset for it, call it a power pod or pro pod or something, and let the top of the G5 be the induction chargin source, or the palm rest of the laptop, come to think of it, they should do that with the laptop also....
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    Re: you know what would be cool?

    BlueTooth speeds are nowhere near what you get from even Firewire 400. But the the iPod with induction charging would be very nice.

    This has been done with mice by modders. It's on
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    Still I'm sure they'll look and function a lot better than the current offerings out there - maybe a metal grill mouse design :). The mouse had better be two buttons though if I'm going to go out and buy one!!
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    Re: you know what would be cool?

    The speed of Bluetooth is not high enough for either application. You don't want a Bluetooth headseat for music-quality headphones; telephone quality is ok.
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    I really can't get into these discussions... since when does adding features to an OS mean the company is going to make that product? Apple has added support for phones and PDAs to but never released one of those. Maybe they just want more people to make wireless products for Mac.

    If they make a keyboard and mouse I will CERTAINLY buy it but I'll wait until they release it before I buy it. Obviously, though, they will go wireless at SOME stage.. it is just a natural progression... the question is just when.
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    wireless mouse and keyboard

    Can someone please tell me what all this excitement is about wireless mice and keyboards? Don't you need to be near a computer and be able to see the screen to use a mouse and keyboard, and therefore aren't they prime candidates for cabling? Are you going to carry your mouse along with you? These items aren't really roam worthy. It seems to me that going wireless on these is just a waste of batteries.
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    its just cool;)

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