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More iPod Rumors...

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Feb 2, 2003.

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    MacWhispers claims to have "exclusive" info on upcoming iPod updates.

    They report that new 20 and 40GB drives will find there way into iPods (with FW800) as early as this week with the 5gb dropping off the list... but also give a broad time-range (Feb 4th - Feb 11th).

    Their information appears to come from these PDFs found on Toshiba's site.

    This Spymac thread may be some basis for speculation on impending updates.
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    I hope updates will come this week.
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    If you notice, the 5GB iPod isn't available to purchase from the online apple store anymore.. (it's been this way for a week now but I haven'te seen anyone mention it).. and it's weird how people are still speculation about the 5gb ipod being eol'd.. as far as that goes.. .it has been... but they should be dropping prices for the 10gb and 20gb...

    hope they use the new 20gb drive... and 40gb?? come on! this is ridiculous! think about powerbook/ibook users! for them to have 40gb of mp3's would be nuts! those laptops recently shipped with only 40gb of space .. now they have some 60gb for laptops, but could you really spare 40 of them for mp3s (to transfer toyour ipod?!?)

    I"m guession apple would only use the 40gb (even 30gb for that matter) for use in a video enable ipod that has the wonderful video out port found ont he ibook and powerbook 12".. (size of a headphone jack and i believe doubles as a headphone jack when not using the special apple video cable adapter...) i'd say it'd be pretty dern sweet if you ask...
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    Many people complain of lack of hdd space, and excessive cost for the iPod. This no longer an exclusive market for Apple where they are by far the best thing going. There are more options now, and they all don't suck anymore. People are also noticing the price gap... bare drive is less than 1/2 the price of the pod...

    Once again... compete or die.
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    My guess is Apple is letting the stock deplete before making new announcements. Remember Apple probably paid more for the original 20gig iPod drives than the new ones will cost.

    As for compete or die, I've seen some of the competition and none of it is as small as the iPod. Although I will agree that price drops are now in order.

    But what would the new line be? 10,20,40? or 20,30,40? or just 20 & 40? I'd say it depends on the prices of the various drives and also the availability of the old 10gig drive. If Apple keeps the price difference between the 20 & 40 to $100, then a 30 gig one would make no sense.
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    Keep the 5

    I don't think that is where Apple will go... they should definitely keep the 5 GB! lower the price or something, trust me i have heard so many windows users justify buying a nomad jukebox instead of an iPod simply because of the price. And the nomad jukebox is so clunky and stupid... ew... the little thing you use to navigate menus doesn't accelerate, and if you hold it down for a while it will keep going after you let go. If you want to find a song quickly you have to use the search feature, since the menus take so long to scroll! A 5 GB iPod for 200 bucks would sell like hotcakes all over again.
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    My guess would have to be 10,20, and 30. Pricing of $299/$399/$499 if I had to guesstimate... :rolleyes:

    A 5 gig for $229 or something would sure be nice though. But I doubt that very much :(
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    anything interesting about the URL?


    (aka current home of DV Forge (iPod stand), former home of MacTable, among other ventures)
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    I was told that macwhispers.com has a very bad reputation regarding their prevous rumors...

    But ofcourse I hope they are right this time! :D :p
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    i'm not sure..but i'm 95% sure that the ipods can be used as external hard drives as well...so basically buying an ipod would double your hdd space if you had a laptop..just my 2¢...can't wait...for me mwny is what i'm waitin for b4 college...

    toodle loo

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    BS. why would they impliment FW800 in these ipods... that right there tells me that they're making it up. They would have to redesign the iPod for something that gives no performance boost whatsoever.

    no, no FW800 for the iPod. 30 or 40 gig iPods (along with a thinner 20 gig) will hit, that much is obvious to anyone...

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    So does anyone think that we will see the updates tomorrow?
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    Yes, you can defiantly use the iPod as an external HDD also (Because I do!!!).

    I don’t see the 40GB HDD hitting the iPod anytime soon……they just released it, and therefore it has no track record!!
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    i don't think apple will release ipods tomorrow, as imacs are definetely set for release. apple seems to be trying a nom strategy, squeezing out new products as soon as the fanfare for the old one dies. hope it helps them.

    as for guessing as to what exactly the nom ipods will be... the rumours are too sporse and contradictory and like macwhispers have all the credability of a talking toilet
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    not likely :(
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    are you crazy?

    iPod updates will at least be a tiny bit more because they will wait untill people are sort of bored with the new iMac fan-fare to release a new iPod
    that's what iThink
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    are the ipods that great?

    Are the Ipods that great? I think they're wwwaaaayyyyy too pricey... i found a USB 20 gig jukebox for 250... and a 5 gig ipod is like... same price... isn't that odd? 1 more thing... wouldn't it b soo much cooler if it came in different colors kinda like the old imacs?
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    Re: are the ipods that great?

    I don't have an iPod, but I hope to soon. But, I know someone who has one, and it really is very nice. I want an MP3 player, but I really haven't even considered looking at other brands, because it seems like, from what I have been hearing, that the iPod sets the standard for MP3 players, even though they are a little pricey.

    As for the different colors, the only is, is that if one color doesn't sell very good, then Apple stores and re-sellers would have trouble getting rid of that color. But, then if another color sells very good, then they may not be able to keep up with the demands for that color.
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    i think we have discussed that having FW800 would be good for NOT slowing down anything else in a FW800 series, like if you had it at the end of a hard drive daisy chain. of course, this is a shaky argument, especially inasmuch as apple's current computers that have FW800 ALSO have FW400, but it must be considered, and hey, FW800 doesn't help for much of anything unless you are running some superfast hard drives (do they make 10000 RPM FW drives?)

    i dunno, just a thought.
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    Re: are the ipods that great?

    I too was sceptical about iPod being a pretty damn expensive walkman, but by the time they released the 1st 10gb model I had managed talk myself into buying one anyway.

    It is the single best thing I have ever bought and if I lost mine today I would not hesitate to proceed directly to the Apple store and say, "thank you sir may I have another?"
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    Re: Re: are the ipods that great?

    will you upgrade to a 40?
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    Re: Re: Re: are the ipods that great?

    Probably. My 10 is nearing capacity and I have several coworkers waiting to begin a bidding war on my current ipod once I upgrade. It'll still be awhile before I need more space but might as well get max. value for the one I have to sell.
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: are the ipods that great?

    i want it! i just have 8 GB of music now, lol. and i paid for (or my family did) most of those songs, lol. that's saying a lot for a teenager, lol.
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    I have a Nomad Jukebox ( 6GB ) and a iPod 10 GB. I use the iPod and I don't use the Nomad and I'm selling it on eBay.

    That should be 'nuff said.

    That being said, besides the obvious size and capacity difference, there are several reasons I prefer the iPod over the Nomad.

    1.) The Nomad's interface is clunky - it is difficult to save playlists - it reacts very slowly even to volume changes ( so slowly I have to slow down of we will chase each other ).

    2.) The Nomad eats batteries.

    3.) USB interface ( although the new ones fix that ).

    The iPod is just a more solidly built product ( it feels like one piece of lexan ) and the interface is just amazingly intuitive and reactive.

    The cost thing ( here and with other Apple stuff ) just bugs me. I hate paying for a product that has been made so cheaply that it doesn't work. I would rather pay more and get something someone thought about and made a quality product. Cheap can be very expensive ( free is usually even more so )!
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    iPod BackBreaker

    If you want to see exactly what technology should be in the new iPods (forget all this video, color LCD crap), check out this:


    This thing looks about the same size as an iPod, roughly the same capacity, but has an FM Tuner and broadcaster, allowing me to play my iPod over my car or home stereo, no additional equipment needed. Apple has to match this or loose market share.

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