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    Apr 12, 2001
    According to this CNet article and a loose-lipped Alpha Top spokesman:

    Apple Computer plans to release a larger-screen version of its recently introduced iBook laptop in July, according to the Mac maker's Taiwan contractor.

    The new iBook, which Alpha Top will build for Apple, will have a wider screen and come in a variety of colors instead of the white version introduced May 1, said Alpha Top spokesman Wang Hsin-wu.

    Sure... Apple denies it... :) But when have they confirmed a rumor?
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    May 25, 2001
    *another* new iBook?

    Why would Apple release a revision of the iBook so soon? It doesn't make any sense at all. They would have to replace it with an entirely new enclosure, resulting in a laptop halfway between the iBook and the TiPB.

    While a middle-line laptop is possible, I doubt it would be called an "iBook."

    At MWNY, I think Apple will release new G4 towers, Cubes with a bus speed of 133Mhz, and possibly another LCD monitor (there is still a gap between the 17" and 22", also there are two studio displays and only one cinema display. I look for a 19" Cinema Display to debut in July - just like the 22", only smaller).

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    May 12, 2001
    I agree

    I tend to agree with techfire. New I-Books may not be released. However having said that, I do think that Apple's flagrant use of colors in the past will result in new color variations of the I-Books being released. I also think that in these variations we might see a retrun to the translucent green and white i-macish look which was very popular. Furthermore, it is possible that in MWNY, we may see Dual 733 G4 Towers. Just a quick question to all. Is it possible for mac to develop dual processor powerbooks?

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    Apr 14, 2001
    Fukuoka, Japan
    what about LCD-iMacs

    I don't believe that there will be 14" iBooks and stuff like that. I do believe, the 14" screens and all will be for the new iMacs, since the iMacs still have a CRT, and Apple is moving clearly towards LCDs only.
    There is no use for Apple, having another product in line which means more costs for development and would kill sales for iBook and TiBook as well.

    What we might expect is an updated iBook with maybe a new motherboard design (a move to a 100 MHz system bus, etc.), maybe, maybe another grafx chip.
    New colors are likely and easy to implement (I'd prefer bluish or yellow).
    The TiBook will be updated, too, at least a CD-RW as standard, a Combo-Drive (DVD/CD-RW) will be presented (if the iBook has one ...). The motherboard layout will be updated as well, I expect a new grafx chip (the mobile ATI Radeon or more likely the nVidia GeForce mobile). Maybe there will be a processor speed bump.
    New colors are also likely for the PowerBook G4.

    About dual-G4 TiBooks - I don't believe it to be possible and useful. The point of having a Notebook is to be mobile, but with the extra power consumption of a second G4, the 4 h battery life of a G4 would melt down.
    Even if you activate the second one when you need it, it still would cost a lot more. And where would you put it (I have looked into the guts of a TiBook, and there just isn't any space left!).
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    May 12, 2001
    got ya.

    I agree with Salven. I mean, dual processor is a joke for a laptop, i totally forgot about the battery consumption. However is it true??? Is it really true that an NVIDIA or ATI radeon Heat will be installed in the powerbooks?? Thats the only thing holding me back at the moment from purchasing one!! I mean the game performance in 3D is not so good on the powerbooks. But a 3d card of that level would up the performance excellently. Sales would go up so much more for the TIs!!

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    May 25, 2001
    Now that I think about it, a third laptop design does make sense.

    In the desktop line-up, you have the iMac, Cube, and PowerMac. The iMac is consumer, Cube is semi-professional, and PowerMac is the pro system.

    Right now, they only have two laptop systems, the iBook and TiPB.

    It would be logically that they will either reduce the desktop systems to two (bye-bye Cube), or introduce a third laptop design.

    Also, think about the potential to attract current PC users. If a person has only $2000 to spend on a new laptop, they can either buy an iBook or some PC system. They might be turned off by the iBook's small screen, therefore going with the PC laptop. If Apple releases the iPowerbook (ok, I just named it) with a 14.1" screen, it might influence the consumer's decision to go with Apple.
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    Apr 14, 2001
    Fukuoka, Japan
    Grafx card

    I am not familiar with internal information Apple has, but these chips are already built in some PC notebooks (e. g. Toshiba). It is rumoring around for months that Apple will eventually replace the old ATI chip, at least for the TiBooks.
    So it is very likely that Apple replaces its current grafx chip with a faster one.
    I have no clue whether Apple takes the faster chip which consumes more power (nVidia GeForce mobile) or the ATI Radeon mobile which performes not as well, but conserves more power (it shuts off part of the processor not in use).
    But either way, the powerbook will have better (3d) grafx capabilites.
    I am also not sure about a speed bump processorwise, because Motorola has had some difficulties bringing the old G4 (7400) over the 500 MHz mark. I do know that the 7410 is built into the TiBooks (as well as the cube), but it is derived from the original 7400.
    The new G4 consumes a lot more power (the 733 even has a cooling fan!), so that even the latest 'energy-saving' 7440 still uses 11 Watts@600 MHz (the 7410 needs approximately 3.5, not sure at which frequency). So I don't think Apple will be able to offer higher clockspeeds.
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    Time to stop the LIES!

    I think its time for the editors of this site to mosey on down to where they can read for themselves the response from Apple denying any new books. Here is the link:

    Now lets see if there is any journalistic credibility or if the LIES LIES LIES shall continue. As always, CHECK YOUR SOURCES and have a nice day! :O

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    Duh! read the article

    Well... duh - scroll back up, they reported that Apple denies it... does that mean it's not true?

    Besides - this is called MacRUMORS not MacFACTS.

    If you want only Apple-confirmed news, I suggest you go to and stay there
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    May 12, 2001
    Way to go!

    Nice one "Guest". Yeah this is MacRumors. Besides I would like to point out that currently, the lowest rated article which talks about 2GHZ ppc was described as "hogwash" when it was first published. My sympathies however go out to that author as he was correct! His predictions on the Titanium were correct too! Remember in history, the dogmas of the church have always condemed the revolutionary ideas of people like Galelio, Hutton e.t.c. But they were right and so are the people of MacRumors. Having said that, I would still have to say that a third i-book is probably not in the making. The reason being. You have the consumer model, the new I-Book, then you have the professional Titanium. Techfire argues that you don't have anything in the middle, but you do. The G3/ pismo are the middle end laptops.
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    Come again say whaaaaaaaaat?

    Kela, hold up hold up. Are you trying to compare the likes of Galelio and Hutton to this backwater rumor site? Cause if you are I'd like to know where I can get some of your CRACK COCAIN seeing as how here on Earth the best we can do is "ONLY" 100% purity. I mean you have the GQQD stuff!
    And about that 2Ghz PPC, that is simply a ROADMAP lol there aren't actually any 2Ghz PPC's in existence. Mot and IBM periodically put out roadmaps it doesn't mean anything immediate. We won't even have 1Ghz G4's until 2002 so please don't get too excited over the "2Ghz PPC" lol. Now time for your regular public service announcement CHECK YOUR SOURCES! Have a nice day! :O

    Checking Your Sources since 2001! <---first time I said that ain't it cool? :O
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    Checking your Spelling

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    mid-level G4 laptop?

    Now that Apple is preloading OS X on its machines, I think it would be pretty silly to release a larger G3 laptop as a mid-level. Wouldn't an iBook with a G4 rock? I realize this may be only my personal preference, but I think that if Apple realeased a small footprint laptop with a G4 and maybe a nice little dock so I can hook it up to a real keyboard and monitor at home, it would be fantabulous. Of course, G4s are for professionals and iBooks are for consumers blah blah blah, but Apple needs to step up its processors soon... I can't keep my eye off that little VAIO
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    May 12, 2001
    Check your sources?

    Dear "CHECK YOUR sources", i am not comparing to a "lol" likes of Galelio and Hutton you British nationalist! All i'm saying is that macrumors is a good forum and that the rumors here do come true "lol" quite often. Secondly the 2GHz PPC thingamjig, i am saying that the G4 laptops "lol" predicted there came true. I am aware of the roadmaps that Mot/IBM set. I am not actually hoping for a G4 2000MHZ this summer you know? "lol",

    do you have a better site that has better sources? please tell me. "and no spam or porno" please.
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    g3/g4 ibooks

    I was just looking at the Apple Store(the online one)and I looked at the laptop cases/bags. They listed some for g3/g4 iBooks.Hmm? Now Im pretty sure that this just means ibook or g4 tiBook but it doesnt say that.Take a look.Could it be a slip or just lazy abbreviating? Funny how these "rumors" can get out of hand sometimes. =)
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    Apr 14, 2001
    Fukuoka, Japan
    G4 iBook

    I'd definitely buy a G4 iBook at once. In this way, I'd be ready for the (OS X) future.
    It's the only reason I am still thinking about buying one - the G4 is the future, the G3 is outdated.
    It wouldn't be too hard for Apple to put a G4 in an iBook case. At least it is much easier than offering a third PowerBook.
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    May 12, 2001
    Someone please update me...

    Ok so I guess I was wrong. Apple might be releasing these g4 ibooks sometime soon. But my question is, do you people realize logically that that could hurt their consumer base that have just purchased g3 i-book?? I mean just imagine you purchase a g3 i-book this week, only to find out that for another 500 dollars or so you could have gotten it with a bigger screen and a g4??
    Secondly, if the I-Book G4 is released, what will make it inferior to the Ti?? I mean, surely it will have firewire, airport, G4/500 MHz right?? Maybe only the monitor size?
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    Jun 4, 2000
    Alexandria, VA
    Thanks for the defense, guys.

    Thanks to those arguing in favor of Macrumors. This is, indeed, a rumors site first and foremost. We also report factual events that have a relevant impact on Mac users as they happen. And every now and again we'll post our general 'take' on something, putting a hopefully unique point of view out there for discussion. We don't, however, pull things out of our collective asses, so to speak...and we do not go to enormous lengths to verify every source detail. Becuase this is a rumors site. We do filter much seemingly-obvious hogwash reports that you guys never see posted to try and maintain credibility to our readers, which seems a logical course.

    At any rate--we hope you enjoy this site on the whole and that it provides some actual insight into the mysterious coming events in the Apple world on occasion. But given that we're Mac_rumors_, remember to salt to taste.

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    Apr 14, 2001
    Fukuoka, Japan
    Is'nt that the fate of all buyers of computer hardware these days?
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    taking away sales

    In most of the forums about this subject,new{er}iBooks,lots of people are saying that if Apple releases a mid-range laptop it will take away from their iBook and TiBook sales. Uh...maybe but its all going to the same place.Why does Apple care if you buy the "newer iBook" over the "new iBook". Now they might care that you buy it instead of the tiBook but you know Apple... 66mhz bus on the new iBook? Now why would they do that? There are lots of ways to make a high end product more attractive(not just superficially speaking).To those that say it would piss off recently purchased iBook owners. Technology is constant and those are the breaks. I bought a graphite iMac with a 400mhz g3 and 3 months later there was one with 500mhz. My brother bought one of those and 3 months later there was the 600mhz iMac with cd-r.Yes its upsetting but f__k it, way it goes.Hmm... 600mhz g3, what do those new iBooks have? Now I'm sure Im a bit off on my time frame with the iMacs but you get the point.Will Apple make a mid-range laptop? I guess we'll have to wait and see. Will it hurt Apple's other laptop lines sales? Probably. Will it hurt Apples overall sales? I dont think so? Does it hurt to speculate over new products and rumors? Probably not, and isnt it fun?
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    May 12, 2001
    A little correction here my friend...

    Dear bobobobowhatever, I would like to correct you there when you said that Apple doesn't care where their revenue originates. A little economic theory follows.

    Ever heard of marginal cost? true if the cost of producing the NEWER i-books is overcome, then it doesn't matter but do you realize that if they continue to produce the NEW i-books (which im sure they will) and they add to their line up the NEWER I-Books, the marginal product value from the NEWER I-Books has to cover for not only itself (i.e its cost of production) but also the marginal cost to Apple of producing each additional unit of the NEW I-books (because a sale of 1 NEWER i-book, is like a loss of not selling 1 NEW Ibook).

    If the marginal product value ovverides this, then its ok (i doubt it will though). Ofcourse, Apple could stop producing the NEW i-books and only produce the NEWER ones, this would be another alternative. But to produce both would incurr rising marginal costs which have to be equalized with excellent marginal product value. So yes, although Apple could have more revenue by adding a new laptop to its line up, it better be so damn good that it is worth shutting production of the other one down!! Otherwise apple is better of with less revenue but selling its NEW Ibooks only.
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    Im no economics major so correct me if Im wrong. Are you saying that if there is a mid range book that sales of the iBook will cease? Its a matter of having more options. It seems to me that youre saying the only way Apple can make a profit is by having only two options(the iBook and TiBook). Is that true for the desktop line too? And what about the options within one product line. Does a 600mhz iMac have to make up for the loss sale of a 500mhz iMac? Does HP or Epson have to make only two models of printers? Should VW drop the Jetta and Golf and stick with just the Bug and Passat? I could go on and on with these analogies. I dont see your point.How would a new option make an old one dependant upon it.Then again refer to my first sentence. Im not trying to be personal or upset(why do people get personal in these posts when nothing personal is at discusion,i.e.:bobobowhatever...)I just dont understand your point.
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    May 12, 2001
    I apologize...

    Blobobob. I didn't mean to direct any negative insults towards you. I just have problems typing on this Bronze keyboard. Ok, all im saying is that according to economic theory, introduciton of a new product has to mean that the new prodcut's marginal value is more than just the profit the company makes from it. EXAMPLE: if you buy a NEWER I-book, you have NOT purchased the NEW I-book. This is a loss to Apple (although they made money through you purchasing the NEWER I-book, they could have made more by just not producing the NEW I-book). Apple COULD introduce a new I-book, but the marginal value should be really high. And yes, lets take the example of the desktop apple's. You yourself say the Cube is the "mid" computer between consumer and professional. Do you see that the cube is also suffering in sales? it is not unnecessary but Apple could have done without the realease of the CUBE. do you atleast agree there? The more product's one realeases into the market, the less becomes the individual value for each product. (unless the prodcuts are miles apart.

    And the thing with the cars. please don't compare a mac to a JETTA. Comapre a mac to BMW, Jag or Mercedez. Secondly, the price range of cars ranges from 10,000-200,000 US DOLLARS!! Hence they have to find medium ground/s. Macs range from 1,000-7,000 USD! Hence ofcourse the variety would be less!
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    No new books, people is the story.

    The guy goofed up and call the iBook the iMac. If you change EVERYTIME the guy says "iBook" to "iMac", every single rumor of the iMac that has been circulated around the web is confirmed.

    No, a new powerbook will not be introduced - the Cube sucked and so would it. It has no market - those who want a bigger screen iBook wouldn't want to pay extra for it (otherwise why would they want the iBook?) and pro users will be turned off by the G3.

    However, the 14.1" wide-screen iMac rumors that have been circulating are MUCH MORE likely.

    Hey - anyone notice that Go2Mac's article and MacOSRumors articles are the same? And Macrumors linked it to Go2Mac. Ouch, for shame, linking a bad article that was ripped off from a bad rumors site.
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    Apr 14, 2001
    Fukuoka, Japan
    Well, that was my first comment ... (page 1)

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