More updates? (software/firmware)

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by apthai, Mar 5, 2008.

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    I just purchased the MacBook last week and so far everything has been great! I've done all the update through the Software Update. Is there any other update that I should do?

    I was browsing around here before I got the MacBook and remember reading something about keyboard firmware fix and a couple other things. Didn't see this in the software update so I'm just wondering.
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    I purchased it on Feb. 29th. Is there anyway I can check to see if I need it? Thanks.
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    I just got mine also and I did about 17 updates and each time I ran them some more showed up. Apple must sequence them. Anyways the very last update I had was the keybd firmware update.

    If it doesnt show I would check your system profile as you may already have the latest firmware. I wouldn't d/l it and install it before checking to insure you don't already have it. Firmware can be a touchy thing. Your call and my 2 cents!;)
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    Go to the spotlight and type in keyboard.

    My top hit was built-in keyboard firmware.

    Click it.

    Mine came up "your keyboard firmware is up to date."

    What does yours say?

    I hope this helps.
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    Interesting, I ran the Software Update and only got about 7 Updates... Is there something wrong with my MacBook? This is my first Mac and still learning my way around. How do I check the firmware of the keyboard? and what is the new firmware level at? Thanks.
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    The keyboard firmware is 1.0.
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    I just did this and mine doesn't give me anything.

    My top hit was the link to the keyboard firmware website...
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    I would just try the link I provided. If you're up to date, it will tell you.
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    No I doubt anything is wrong with your mac book. Mine was a refurb and probably hasn't been updated for awhile so I needed more updates. I did as the above poster said and I also got the same msg using spotlight which stated my keybd firmware is up to date. Try it! It works!;)
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    Cool, just downloaded it and as it went to update it said I did not need it. Thanks for your help.

    Any other update I should know about? I feel left out since DaBrain had 17 updates. hehe.
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    If nothing shows up you should be good to go--)) Have fun and enjoy your new mac book--)) I could always send ya my old updates or a couple gigs of files if you are feeling left out--))) :D
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    OS X's built-in software update utility is very good. If it says that you're up to date, then your OS and Apple-produced software (iLife, iWork, Pro apps) are up to date. Third party apps however and you're on your own. Like on Windows, many apps have built-in options for checking for updates. And there's always

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