Moveable Type.

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development (archive)' started by Moxiemike, Nov 11, 2003.

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    Anyone here experienced in installing this bad boy?

    I'm looking to install it on my server as a CMS for product reviews and whatnot.

    Let me know if anyone can lend a hand..


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    done it about 5 times!

    what are you stuck on?

    ps-the main page on my site is moveabletype!
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    Well. I'm not neccessarily stuck on anything.

    Just not from a programming background and wanted to have someone walk me through a setup or something.
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    it's kinda hard to walk you through it. just move real slow with the documentation included. if you get stuck, just ask.
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    hey mnkeybsness nice site. :)

    what exactly does moveable type do? i've heard it mentioned a couple of times before...
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    it's a blogging script that is extremely flexible. i use kung-log to write my entries on my mac and upload them to the cgi. i honestly think that it's the best blogging stuff out there at the moment.
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    I finally got everything installed. Just a matter of learning about templates. Shouldn't be too hard.

    This script is amazing actually. VEry powerful..
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    and what is your site all about ? Just a forum ? About what ?
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    hmmmm... you missed the gallery?

    that does bring up a good point to me that i really don't have anything on my main page to let the visitor know why they should stay.

    thanks CmdrLaForge
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    Mr. Anderson

    Damn this is good stuff - I'm going to install it on my site as well. Very impressive :D

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    I love Movabletype.... I use it to run Buzzgrinder, a site on music news + useless opinion. If you need any help with MT get in touch!
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    i'm wondering if your site is *supposed* to display about 400 pixels wide

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    On a related note, for those of you (us) who would like to use Movable Type but aren't so technically inclined, there is TypePad ( It's a service run by the people who created Movable Type which lets you create and run a Movable Type site with a minimum of technical knowledge. Set up is very simple yet quite flexible. Plans start at $4.95 per month.

    I signed up for the 30-day free trial a few days ago, and am really impressed with it.

    As an example, Mac Mike runs his site on TypePad.
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    OK. I get it. Your site is about the gallery ? Right ? Just to be sure...

    And what is the gallery good for ? For nice wallpapers ?
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    It took me about a day or so to familiarize myself with MoveableType and after that it's so easy. It's extremely customizable and easy to work with.

    I enter my entries online, I find it easier that way.

    Just check my link below.

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