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Mozilla 1.1 is out!

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Nipsy, Aug 27, 2002.

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    For those of you who like fuzzy letters, Mozilla 1.1 uses Quartz Rendering (anti-aliasing), and appears to be faster when loading my 12 tab master group.

    Here's more info:
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    I have been on and off the moz 1.1b release and I was dissapointed with it, it was buggy , its crashed and it was so slow, no rendering but , reszing and everything like that was slow

    but this releases has picked its selfup, but me personally I think Chimera is way better :D
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    IE has a couple things going for it, but Chimera is OSX's best.

    But tell me... Why do OS9 browsers still have better support for things like high-end Java and applets than OSX browsers?
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    i'm another one who thinks that Chimera is better. no more windows, tabs all the way!!:D:D
  6. Lz0
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    Just DL'd Chimera ... Very impressed ... Love the tabs ... may well be my new default browser.
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    Mr. Anderson

    So someone clear the air for me.

    What do I gain or loose by using Chimera or Mozilla and not IE?

    I want full compatibility with Flash, Java, Javascript and QuickTime

  8. Lz0
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    I haven't installed Mozilla or Netscape mainly due to previous versions not being up to scratch.

    Chimera 0.4.0 Well I think the version number says it all. But it's looking good, very good. Basic JavaScript (rollovers ect) seem to be working OK, Flash and QT need a little work but Java just crashed the app.

    A good example of an evil Applet can be found @ http://www.realestate.com.au/

    As for the evil empires flagship ... well Macheads just love to hate it, you know that.
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    Speed and stability. Lots of it (at least on my machine)

    If you want full compatibility, you might go for Mozilla. I use Chimera as my default browser (switched from Mozilla about 1 month ago), but I am not satisfied with how it deals with Quicktime plugins.

    Clearly, the "best browser" depends on the sites you visit most often. If I were more wed to sites that use QT plugins, Mozilla would be the better choice. Also, IE crashes on my machine about every 2-4 hours. I find I am less patient with it than Chimera because I belive M$ should have made IE stable by now.

    Interestingly, I just switched my wife (iBook Indigo) to Jaguar and set her up with Mozilla 1.0. It has crashed three times in three days--two times more than it had crashed on my machine in 3 months.

    I think the only way to know which is best is to try them.

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    New Chimera convert here

    I used IE for X for the past year and because 10.1 wasn't very fast I just attributed IE's slowness to the OS. As soon as I got 10.2, IE started to drive me crazy because 10.2 sped everything up to OS9 levels, but IE is still a dog.

    Chimera is fast and tabbed browsing is addictive (I didn't even know what it was 5 days ago and now I can't get enough). Tabbed browsing is especially good for small monitors and slower machines because it loads stuff in the background and does so without opening new windows. Chimera only crashed once on two computers in that time, while IE crashes every two hours. There are some pages that don't look quite right with chimera, but the only place I've really had trouble was when I went to the MS support page and there chimera couldn't handle the pages (MS probably does this on purpose, right?).

    So you can probably use chimera (or mozilla) for 97% of what you do, but definitely keep a copy of IE around

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    most of you probably don't realize that tabbed browsing is a capability of mozilla..just control click and you will see "open link in new tab."

    and i've never had mozilla crash on me and it runs smooth and fast on my powermac...it's 50 times better than IE...and chimera...

    it's just not functional enough yet with java and especially flash since i do web design in flash and make animated shorts.
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    And 50 times more bloated in the interface department.

    The thing that most people like about Chimera is the fact that it handles (almost) everything Mozilla does and its a lot lighter. And lighter means faster when it comes to a lot of things.

    By the time Chimera is done, it should be just as compliant as Mozilla and will hopefully have avoided all of the bloat that characterizes Mozilla and Netscape. Its already as compliant as Mozilla in straight HTML rendering and is gaining in the more fancy (flash, java and plugins in general) technologies on the web.

    And if any of you have tried Chimera pre 0.4, give it another shot. Its come a LONG way.

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    still not far enough for me
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    Mozilla crashes on me everytime I start it up. It happens three seconds after the launch screen disappears. I'm in 10.1 on a 667 DVI Powerbook. Any suggestions?
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    I just downloaded Mozilla 1.1 and I'm using it now. It's quite nice but I'm not sure whether the text is smooth or fuzzy. Maybe, it's just my current hours. Overall, it does seem perkier.

    I still have to use Internet Exploder for my Community College as their new system only allows that or Netscape Communicator.
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    bousozoku: if they say that you must have netscape communicator, i'm almost 100% sure that mozilla will work flawlessly.

    i use mozilla 1.0 every so often but chimera is now my primary browser. the plug-in support and stability is a little shaky for some people's tastes, but for me, its just too good to pass up.

    as far as IE is concerned... i only launched it once, and that was so that i could download omniweb. after that i stuffed it so that it didnt have ownership of all my .html files and have not looked back. i'm pretty tempted to trash the .sit now because i have not used it since the first week i bought my computer. my advice would be to keep ms products as far from your machine as possible because 1. they are shoddy work 2. they use completely proprietary standars and 3. they install garbage all over your system

    the only way to make web-designers stop coding for IE's incorrect protocols is to stop using IE
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    I've tried Chimera. I can say this, it does look nicer than Mozilla. I heard that there's a theme that makes Mozilla look like Chimera. Anyone know where I can find it?
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    Here's a screenshot.

    Attached Files:

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    Try trashing the Mozilla folder in your library (~/users/(username)/Library/Mozilla), then restart Mozilla. Make sure you have the latest version of Mozilla, too. This sort of thing is less common than it used to be.

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    mozilla has NEVER crashed for me

    IE on the other hand has
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    nemo: make sure that you keep your bookmarks file from your mozilla prefs before you trash it. i had this problem with mozilla and netscape, after i trashed the prefs folder it worked like a charm.

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