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mp4 to mp3 coversion application?

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by belltree, Jun 21, 2012.

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    Can anyone suggest an application for converting mp4 (video) to mp3? I found that VLC can do it but the quality is very poor. Does anyone have experience in this area that can provide advice? Thank you.
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    Do not do lossy-to-lossy transcodes. Ever.
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    You can use FFMPEG to extract the audio from the file without losing quality:
    You can grab a pre-compiled FFMPEG binary here.

    That will just dump the audio with a .mp3 extension, you can use MediaInfo to find out what codec the audio actually is.
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    The quality will be poor no matter what you use. The only question is "How poor". iTunes will do the conversion. Set the default conversion to when ripping CDs to MP3. Then go back an highlight the MP4 files you want to convert. Right click and one options to convert to MP3.

    XLD is good at this too and as you found VLC can do it too. But don't expect good results transcoding between different compressed format. The end result will literally be the worst of each.
  6. cyberpunk, Aug 14, 2012
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    Import the video into garageband
    Delete video track
    Export to disk
    Convert to apple lossless using XLD to reduce size

    The video is converted when imported to garageband and exported as aiff-c which is a compressed format and so i think there may be some quality loss but this is the best way I know
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    Actually, that is a conversion (or "transcode"), since the audio stored in an .mp4 file is compressed (using AAC or something similar) and by exporting the audio from GarageBand you transcode the audio to an uncompressed format.
    You can do the same with MPEG Streamclip and open the .mp4 file in there, go to File > Export Audio and select AIFF as option.
  8. cyberpunk, Aug 14, 2012
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    my answer was crap
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    A .vob file uses MPEG-2 as video codec and some Dolby Digital variant as audio codec, which is still compressed. Regarding your sig, what does that have to do with .mp4s?
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    While it is aimed at click-this-button-consumers, it has a terrible interface, it still says "video" when it clearly is an audio transcoding application and it has an installer, though it would suffice to drag and drop the application. It also costs money. But then again, software like this, often seen in spam posts, is still sold, especially poorly translated Windows software.

    I prefer MPEG Streamclip + Max, even if it means two steps.
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    VLC is as good as it is going to get. COnverting from a lossy to a lossy format is not going to give good quality. But if you must then make sure the output MP3 bit rate is set much higher then the input MP4. For example if you have a 256K AAC encoded files, make the MP3 version of it a 320K files.

    As for which software to use. iTunes will do the conversion for you. I like XLD best.

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