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MPEG to burn as DVD

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by geofcoulson, Jun 27, 2005.

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    slot Imac 700 with 10.4, external DVD
    I have an mpeg film of 700mb and whilst I can watch it on Qicktime or VLC the Imac screen is a bit weeny. I would like to convert it to DVD format so that I can burn a DVD with Toast and watch it on a big screen. I have downloaded some programmes that may help but have yet to find the right combination....DVD Backup, MacTheRipper, DivX Doctor 2, DVD2oneX.
    Are there applications out there that can convert Mpeg to DVD....I gather DVD2oneX will compress it to go onto a standard DVD.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Geoff Coulson
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    Toast :)
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    I have Popcorn but not Toast and I would like to burn some .avi files onto DVD.
    To keep the cost down, should I just get $15 ffmpegX and convert the .avi files to VIDEO_TS then burn them onto DVD using Popcorn?
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    I tried to get ffmpegX and it downloaded fine with the exception of the 3 additional files needed. The instructions are there to download them, which I did and placed them on my desktop. As instructed, I referenced them to the ffmpegX application but it said that they had not been accepted:(
    So as yet, I am unable to try this application, BUT it does seem as tho it can convert a good selection of formats......I have tried twice so far to get it to work and will try again...3rd time lucky perhaps!!!
    I have both Toast Titanium 5.2 and Popcorn as well as Dragon Burn.
    I still have not found any other solution to conert either avi or mpeg to a DV format, assuming that it has to be a _TS file.
    Geoff Coulson
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    Did you place the two binaries (mencoder and mplayer) in your ffmpegX folder? They should show up as executible files.
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    Yes , I did, as well as the mpeg2enc.
    On the 3rd attempt, it does open but every time it asks for the mpeg2enc file to be located, which is already there. I point it to the right file and it opens. But I am still unsure as to the settings to conert it to a burnable file?
    Thanks for the reply.
    Geoff Coulson
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    I'm having this problem too.
    I downloaded to exe and located it but when I go to instal I get this:

    No such file or directory
    ##cp: /Library/Application Support/ffmpegX/mpeg2enc: No such file or directory

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    Hey, I tried this and it worked.
    Library/app support/ffmpegX (now i had to create that last file myself and I dropped mplayer and mencoder into it, locating it from this new file.
    I left the mpeg2enc in the desktop file and located it from there.

    password in and it's working a treat now!

    hope that helps, I'm pretty new to this! :D

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