MPEG4 mystery still unsolved

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by krohde, Jul 18, 2003.

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    Once there was a discussion on several rumor sites regarding the "magic" link from Apple's MPEG4 website. If you haven't heard about it you should check it out. Was it a hack and if, why does it still remain on the website?

    Can someone fill in...?

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    What is so un-usual about it?
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    This is really strange. I remember the mystery about that site.

    The mystery ":k:" at the bottom with the weird french text is still there...
    If it was a hack, it must have been detected in the meanwhile! I couldn´t believe it was one.

    So... what is it? Any ideas?
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    If you look through the forums there was a big thread about it. It turns out it was a contest/puzzle treasure hunt. I think it was in cooperation with BMW films but I could be wrong.
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    it was an internet mystery game. the object was to decipher a bunch of clues from obscure sites all over the internet. you unlocked levels with passwords that you figured out along the way. the object was to win a car, i believe it was a BMW sports car thing or something. i was involved with it for a few weeks, lots of us here were. we made alot of progress but i lost interest after a while, i think there was a roadblock that i couldn't figure out. it was a lot of fun. i wonder if anyone ever won. if you do search you could probably find the big thread and most of the passwords still. it's pretty neat if your bored, clever or both ;) reminds of a similar thing David Blaine did. he buried a bunch of rare gold coins, like $100,000 worth, somwhere in the US between NYC and San Fransico. he published a book of really complex clues to lead to it. i wonder if anyone ever found it. interesting stuff.
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    Link translated

    If you go to the link there's white text on a white background. Translated at it reads: I know that you have a special place in your heart for beemers. You must see my black 1974 2002 crosses. To check NewYorkTimes classified first on August 14, 2002.
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    I have the david blaine book...there are literally hundreds of things that might be clues that you have to decipher...i've figured out a few of them, but really haven't gotten anywhere with it
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    yeah, my friend has it and he says that some of them are downright impossible t even spot. he said that one is found by taking the 2nd letter of the 2nd word in every paragraph in a page and it will spell out "not in kansas", or something to that effect. sounds like it could take a very long time to figure out.
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    Re: Link translated

    that's the very first clue. now go find that classified ad and you'll be on your way. i think i remember it having a phone number in the ad. good luck!

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