MS promoting Panther!

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by matthew24, Oct 25, 2003.

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    No Photoshop!

    To make it easy here is the link:

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    I can only imagine how bewildered and confused the poor MS worker must have become from being asked to add information about a stable, user-friendly, well conceived OS to the Microsoft website.

    :D :p
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    obvious: if you have mac os x of anyversion you will want office for mac os x.

    remember MS got peeved that apple spent more on ipod marketing than on os x marketing.

    now i am on apples side: make money. But MS made Office for Mac OS X very quickly on apple's estimates of the mac os x user base.
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    I totally agree. The links below the Panther pic really do suggest this:

    Link #1: About Office v.X compatability
    Link #2: About Panther...It's a link to Apple's site, but no, not to the detailed OS X page, but to the Apple Store "more info" description page. Yep, not to the page where you really do find out a lot, but by the blurb of a page with the one-click link.

    That's Microsoft for you.

    And that jpeg's gonna want to take a bath after being on Microsoft's web site.
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    Nope. It aint going anywhere. Its other Apple Software JPEG buddies wont let it near them in fear of bug infection.
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    I dunno. It's not even really like their promoting it. It's sort of like they have to stick it there because they're the Mac division at MS. They don't have any hype or discussion about the operating system. I guess it's a good opportunity to plug for Office, though, as they of course put that link before the Panther information one (ha ha).
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    Perhaps...But when I look at the individuals WITHIN the Mac division of MS, I'm far more forgiving.

    I mean, they program for Macs. They're doing us a service. I'm sure that most of them are avid Mac fans, too, with iMac t-shirts under their dress-code-required pin-stripe and "the crazy ones" posters buried beneath their staff memos about changes in protocols and Hawaiian-shirt Fridays.

    But, then again, they're not the ones responsible for designing the site. That's done by a bunch of guys who go home to their studio apartments to look at cheap porn and post messages to boards saying how much macs suck and how great their new Intel chip is and how glad they are they built this "sweet-ass" new system after their old one melted down when opening Word.
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    i don't see the big deal. companies promote each other a lot. apple has promoted MS a few times. an example is when they came out with new versions of Office X, it was on apple's front page.
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    If it means more money for m$, they'll promote it.

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