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multiple bluetooth streams on new Nano?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by sandiway, Sep 12, 2012.

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    It says on http://www.apple.com/ipod-nano/:

    Built-in Bluetooth technology lets you wirelessly connect to heart-rate monitors and headphones, making it easier to exercise.

    But the real kicker would be if this means the new Nano could simultaneously support a low-power HR monitor strap and put music out to my wireless earphones. Does anyone know if it can do this?

    As a Nano 6g user who uses a dongle for my Sony wireless BT earphones this is welcome news and a good upgrade in functionality. See pic:


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    Don't know for sure, but reading the Apple page describing BT for the Fitness "app" leads me to believe that you'll be able to connect a HR monitor and BT headphones at the same time.

    It's the "and" that leads me to believe that the answer to your question is yes. Throw in the blurb about making it easier to exercise, and I'm just about ready to bet the house that you can.

    Now my dilemma is that I prefer to use the Nike+ footpod and I've already invested in the Polar Wearlink+ Nike+ HR strap. I'm not convinced that the built-in accelerometer is as accurate as the footpod ... even if you've tested otherwise (I'm not as good a runner as you and my biomechanics aren't consistent).

    I'm guessing that this new nano will be compatible with Polar's BT Wearlink transmitter. If Apple were to open up the nano's OS for apps or provide other fitness apps (i.e. Adidas, Runkeeper, etc), then this would be a value proposition.

    As it is, I'm gonna skip this round since I won't be able to use my Nike+ receiver (no 30pin). I'm hoping for a small miracle that this new nano has the Nike+ receiver built-in like the iPhone and iPod touch.
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    I'm wondering the same thing. Been using 3rd Gen Nano with the Nike + adapter for three years, and have found it to be quite accurate. The only thing that may get me to upgrade would be BT for wireless headphones (and maybe one day a heart monitor).

    I've also been buying Nike shorts with the back zip-pocket so it fits my current Nano. Will have to go to the store and see if the new one would fit. It's definitely a cool upgrade, but not enough to make me want to start saving my lunch money. I'll have to keep my eye on it for a while and see how the reviews are.
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    This is not clear. By October we'll know more.

    Polar has two bluetooth HRM straps. One called H7 and wearlink+. It has to be confirmed but I suspect it's the H7 one that one would need for the new Nano.

    (As an aside they also have 3 separate models of wearlink+ transmitters, all different in capability.)

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    Yeah, the H7 was the one I was thinking of. I knew they came out with one that was compatible with the iPhone 4S. However, as far as I know, the H7 doesn't work with any of the Nike iOS apps.

    I assume the Nike+ app on the nano7G will work with the H7. I doubt it would work with the Wearlink+Nike+ (which I have) since the Nike+ protocol is different than BT.
  6. webbuzz, Sep 22, 2012
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    I have been searching for an answer regarding the iPhone 5, with an H7 and bluetooth headset. The answer I found is not specific to the new Nano, it is specific to bluetooth 4.0, used on an iPhone 4S.

    Found here

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    Thanks for the search. The iPhone is capable of running multiple processes at the same time. We know the Nano is capable of running Nike+ and playing music at the same time so this is encouraging news. Can we assume the same bluetooth chip is used in the iPhone 4S and the new Nano?

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    Your assumptions should be correct. Unfortunately, after more searches on the H7. It appears that there are connectivity issues with multiple devices and the H7.

    It sounds like the H7 isn't ready for prime-time.
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    Looks like I was wrong about the not being able to use the footpod. I thought for sure that Apple would conveniently leave that feature out. Woohoo!

    I wonder if it would be able to line with the Polar Wearlink+ Nike+ that I currently use with my 6G nano.

    Alternatively, it would be nice if it worked with the Polar H7, since I already have two Polar straps and I'm pretty sure the Polar transmitters are all compatible with the Wearlink straps.

    I may be in the market for a 7G nano after all.

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