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Multiple Channel Mixing-Hardware-Software?

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by mikes70mustang, Jun 30, 2009.

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    So ive been wondering about this for a while. I run sound for a church, and often times the sound is excellent(i.e. good singer compatibility/mix, very good musicians). I try to record through a aux channel on the board straight to a burner. But as you could guess, it never sounds right, and you have to adjust levels on the fly, which is double duty. My question is, is there a setup where I can record multiple channels to my mac and be able to mix them later? I can successfully sub-mix drums and vocals, and just add to that, keys, guitar, and bass. So is there a way to say......mix 4 or 5 tracks after the fact? Sorry about the long post and if this is a stupid question. Feel free to direct me to pertinent posts.
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    yes, it's called multitrack recording and it's discussed daily here.
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    Yah thats what i figured. Guess i never put 2 and 2 together, oops. Im assuming logic pro is the best avenue. And im guessing those Mbox things and interfaces are used for what im looking to do.
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    yes, you'll need an interface, and the first thing you need to determine is how many separate channels you want to record simultaneously.

    Logic, ProTools, Cubase, Digital Performer, Garage Band, Ableton Live, et al are all popular choices. i like to advise you try a few (or more) and see which one makes the most sense to you. after you know that, then pick a compatible interface.

    welcome to a really expensive hobby, btw.
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    Ha yes i know lotta $. In a perfect world i would like about 28 channels. But like i said, i can sub group. I probably have at least 3 small mix boards i could use. I dont plan on jumping up all this stuff really fast. Just slow methodical watching, waiting, just sorta checking stuff out, for future reference. I basically know what needs to be done, and i have the ear for it, just getting the stuff is the problem. Sigh, a lot of this stuff isnt that hard to do, its amazing how people make it out to be rocket science and get paid a ton to do this stuff. But i guess it does take large chunks of time more than anything. Well, at least this isnt quite as expensive as restoring cars lol. A lot less frustrating too.
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    phonic mixing board

    Get a Phonic helix board they sell up to 24 channel boards some with built in effects. then you can kill 3 birds with one stone.
    Get rid of old board, forget 2 channel interface, and add effects!

    you can record or use for live sound applications or both at the same time!
    Has a usb or firewire hookup!
    they have a 12 channel board that works wel for under 200.00 bucks
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    Thanks, that looks pretty sweet. Hmm 16 channels....i thought about getting logic express, but with something like that i guess id have to get logic studio.
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    Logic Express should be fine for you. The core functions of Logic are basically identical in Express and Studio (specifically, there are no input/output 'handicaps' in Express). The main difference is in the other applications (SoundTrack, MainStage, etc) and the effects, synths, and samples that come with Logic Studio. So, if you're not planning on mastering and releasing an album, I'm sure you'd be OK with Express. Also, if you buy Express and then decide you want Studio, the net cost ($200 for LE & $300 for the upgrade) ends up being the same as buying Studio straight up.
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    Best? That is a matter of opinion. But for your needs "Logic Express" would work well enough. The pprice is $199.

    But you allready have Garage Band. It is part of the iLife suite and may work well enough. Certainly GB can do multi-track recording and let you apply level controls after the fact.. It may be good enough. It is for most users.

    Also, Logic (both versions of it) can directly open Garage Band projects. So start with GB and then only if you feel the need, move up. Most of what you learn and any hardware you buy can be used with both GB and Logic. GB and Logic use the same audio "engine" only Logic exposes more of the engines features through the user interface so audio quality is identical.
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    yah, well i only have one more year at my university. Might as well buy a full version while i can still get it cheap.

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