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Multiple Hardware Outputs for VST plugins

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by gripmedia, Nov 1, 2006.

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    Hey Gang:

    forgive me if this is covered. I've played live for years and am switching over to nearly all virtual synths.

    The problem I am encountering is that I need individual hardware outputs to go to to individual channels to the house mixer. Computers are usually set up with one stereo out.

    I can't have the sound board guy mix me with all my instruments in one signal. He needs to be able to mix the organ, piano and synth separately for the house mix.

    So my question is, using a program like V-Stack, can I assign individual outs with a break-out box like M-Audio offers?

    I need to assign my virtual B4, piano, and Virtual mini-moog to separate channels, and am not going to haul 3 computers around. Also my B4 runs into a REAL Leslie speaker, so I *CAN'T* route my synths and piano through the Leslie.

    Any advice? Even the hardware VST boxes such as Receptor, have only stereo outs, which I find patently un-useful, the Plugzilla has multiple outs, but retails at 3K.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I would take this question over to the Ableton boards...(assuming you use live)
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    Short answer: Yes you can do this. But it may be tricky at first to set up whatever program you are using to do this.

    You need a good firewire audio interface. This gives you lots of ins/outs. They range from $100 (cheap) to thousands of dollars. Firewire is recommended vs. USB2 for audio (and video) b/c of the way data is transmitted in USB (bursts instead of constant stream).

    OS X Tiger now lets you have multiple audio interfaces at the same time, btw. So you can use computer output AND your interface output, if you need to. AND other interfaces.
    (See Audio Midi Setup>Aggregate Device Editor)

    Also, get a good interface that lets you have outputs as individual channels. Some cheaper interfaces have outputs as stereo pairs only (but there are workarounds in that case).
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    Thanks guys, I figured so...

    I am probably going to go with the MBOX 2 Pro, it has 6 dedicated outs, plus it comes with pro-tools which I need. M-Audio is protools compatible, but you have to buy Protools.

    I'll keep you guys updated on my progress...


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    There are placesh in which you can discussh thish shtuff in more detail.

    One of them's gearslutz.com I believe.

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