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Multiple Mission Controls

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by RolandVet, Sep 27, 2012.

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    Hello everyone,

    When I start working on my MBP I open a lot of powerpoints and word documents, multiple windows of chrome with each a few tabs and some PDF files loaded. After a few hours I 'finish' working so I start to do some private stuff. Whilst doing my business I however don't want to close all the programs. After opening up some more browser windows and programs my RAM gets rather full/bloated.

    I was wondering if it was to have something similar to the old spaces mechanism but then with multiple Mission Controls. Having lots of apps loaded in one Mission Control, open a second Mission Control and then having the first one set to idle, like having switched from user to the other. Would you switch back to the first MC, the second one would then be set to idle/sleep whilst the first one would be awoken.

    I hope I'm not being to vague. I don't know if it can be done, however I would love this.

    Does anyone know if it can be done?
    Please comment if you don't understand.
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    You still have spaces in ML? Or am i missing the point?
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    You can add desktops to your row in MC (but you can hardly call that spaces) but I would effectively like to have a second row. (I full screen all my apps to have maximum screen real estate.)

    If you are implying something different to just multiple desktops then I'm sorry and please teach me :)
  4. WSR
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    The lost of grid based spaces as in SL, is one of the reasons I'm haven't changed to Lion or ML.

    I'm sure if it was possible it would have been posted by now. You might look into TotalSpaces, an app that is trying to return grid based Spaces to ML.

    It's a shame that a third party is having to return a feature that apparently Apple though no one wanted, but many are complaining about the loss of.
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    Ahh sorry, No I see what you mean now.

    For me, the new implementation of 'spaces' or 'desktops' fits with my workflow quite well, so i haven't looked into restoring the old grid style pattern!
  6. WSR
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    Some like MC and some, like me, don't. I wish Apple would give us the choice.
  7. RolandVet, Oct 1, 2012
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    I love MC. It works so much better than anything spaces had to offer. I don't want the grid style, which is all TotalSpaces offers.

    I am currently using two accounts, one I dedicate to work and one for other things. By never logging out both keep all the windows open and loaded, whilst being temporarily suspended.

    Obvious problems are ofcourse:
    File sharing is a bitch
    Customization's are out of the windows
    iTunes isn't sharing
    Parallels isn't behaving
    Dropbox is confused

    Using two accounts is near exactly what I want with the exceptions that i want a few programs to work in a sort of elevated state, to be active regardless of which 'account' is used.
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    Krazy Bill

    How about the simple ability to use the keyboard in "Missing" Control? :D

    In SL, using Spaces combined with BetterTouchTool gives me a Lion-esque setup without all the needless glitter and bloat.

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