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multiply monitor connections??

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by kappax12, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. kappax12, Jan 2, 2011
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    im planning on ordering 2-3 dell 24" monitors, is there a way to connect not just 1 monitor up but all 2-3 up to the air??

    maybe some kind of external graphic card device??
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    Matrox has 2 or 3 monitor control boxes that use a combination of Display Port and USB. The challenge to using it in this mode seems to be the fact that the Matrox wants to treat the three monitors as one big monitor, and then uses an application called Matrox Powerdesk to manage the position of things. It is a very nice implimentation, but on my MBA 11, the resolution is not high enough to really make good use of all the screen real estate.
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    Thanks for the links, so my next question would be for this statement above, how could the resolution be increased? For better display
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    The MBA 11" has enough power to drive 3 1920x1080 using the TripleHead2Go DP edition.

    I don't know what the guy was saying that the MBA 11" doesn't have enough "resolution", it has the same graphics processor as any of the MB/MBP/iMac line-up.

    The Matrox is the best solution as it uses your current graphics adapter. USB monitor connections are essentially slow USB graphics cards.
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    The last statement u made, "USB monitor connections are essentially slow USB graphics card", does that mean sluggest display, also since these monitors are 1080p, im assuming that since its through usb connection instead of hdmi, the display wont be to its max resolution?
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    AFAIK the Matrox is an external GPU as well.

    The USB card I linked supports 1080p so your displays would run at native res. What I've heard, they are fine for light-ish usage but don't think about gaming or watching Blu-Rays on the external. However, if you get three monitors, then USBs aren't good choice because MBA only has two USB ports (sharing one would likely cause lag)
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    480 mbps vs how much data bandwidth over Displayport/VGA/DVI-D ?

    Seriously, we can't even begin to compare the bandwidth here. And isn't the matrox replacing not your GPU but the monitor circuitry to present one big monitor instead of 3 connected to your VGA port ?
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    Matrox not working with iMac and Cinema displays

    I've tried the Matrox solution (TripleHead2Go Digital) with 2 23" HD Cinema Displays on a 2007 iMac. Their website say it is supposed to work, but their support is unable to help me. They said something about scalers not being built-in to my Apple displays, but it works fine with the displays on my MacBook Pro (2007), just not my iMac.

    I'm talking iMac, with 2 additional 23" HD Cinema displays. This is just a heads up to anyone else trying a configuration like this.

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