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Music - 'Play All' feature missing?

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by Akuratyde, Jun 24, 2013.

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    Often I have multiple albums by the same artist on my iPhone. In the past I've enjoyed pressing "Play All" and letting it play through all of the albums by that artist. In iOS 7 this feature appears to be missing. Am I just not seeing it or has this feature actually been removed?
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    Read elsewhere that this is the case. Assume it's a temporary omission.

    Personal tangent - Rdio also does not have this feature and it drives me bonkers. Seems like basic functionality.
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    Unfortunately, I'm afraid we can't assume the omission is temporary. This and other features went missing from the iPad music app in the transition from iOS 5 to 6, and never came back.
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    I guess someone didn't read the release notes.
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    God forbid! He didn't read the release notes! :eek:
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    I really hope they add it back. It would seem stupid to force everyone to make playlists for artists.....which I've done. I've found, though, that if you ask Siri to play an artist, she plays all songs by the artist.
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    Thanks for your really helpful reply! I'm glad you stopped by to add some intelligent and useful comments to the discussion. :)

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