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My Custom iPad Stand

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by dww970, May 4, 2010.

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    Not wanting to pay $40 for a piece of metal to lean my iPad against, I built my own. I used a folding "PageBoy" bookstand purchased for this reason from my local bookstore ($5.99) and a length of aluminium tube, chrome end caps, & a length of rubber tubing all purchased at my place of employment ($2.99 , $1.99 & $.99, found at most local home improvement stores.)
    I filed slots in the underside of the aluminium tube to allow it to sit flush onto the legs of the bookstand. I secured it to the stand with "FastSteel" epoxy putty and filled the inside of the tube with lead fishing weights and capped it off with more epoxy putty & the chrome caps. Then I slid the rubber tubing along the upper arms & back of the stand to prevent the metal from scratching my new $800 toy. The end result is a very good looking, stable and secure stand, for no more than $13.00

    Here are the final pics.
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    No offense - I know you put some work into it - but how is that better than the $3 Plate Stand @ JoAnns / Michaels which is adjustable? Maybe I am missing something. Kinda hard to see how it looks in your pics (no worries, tho - my camera is crap and my photog skillz worse).
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    Other than the fact mine's weighted to prevent backward tipping during use, absolutely nothing. But it's mine, I built it, and I'm kinda proud of it. ;)
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    As well you should be. I feel the same about my modded business card holder that no one seems to like! Yours may have one up on most of the others & that is - FORWARD tipping. Not as likely in most situations but I do worry about some dumb a** (like me) bumping it from behind....
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    I have considered adding another weighted tube to the rear of the stand and still may. I tried to make the front tube about 1 third the weight of the tablet to compensate for the opposite backward tilt weight.

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