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Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by tvbi, Sep 30, 2006.

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    Just finished install my carputer using a Powerbook :lol:
    Haven't figured out where to put the laptop yet.. I'm thinking of putting it under seat and using some type of fishing net to put the laptop in. :shock:

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    that's awesome!

    I probably would have used a mini, though, but that's just me, lol.

    very cool, nonetheless!
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    no money, using my 2 year-old pb is much cheaper :D
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    That is sweet, any intentions besides music and movies? How you gonna transfer music over? I always wonder how people actually use this stuff after they get it in there, it's awesome though!
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    Does the screen move? How are you going to get to your flashers or defrost your rear window?

    And you're not really going to watch movies while you're driving, right?

    Looks good, though.
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    Wow, nice job. What car is that in?
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    THe PB does have wireless network to transfer stuff to and pretty accessible under the seat.

    The screen is a motorized in-dash touchscreen :D

    Movies are for passengers usually..but I can use some p0rn in traffic :p

    It's in a 97 Maxima
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    Ya know, you say that in jest (at least I hope so.. heh), but it's amazing how many people actually do this! And not just on the little dash in front of the driver's seat, but on the big ole screen hung from the ceiling so that everyone behind them can see! :eek:

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    Wow that is really cool! I'm very impressed. Well done!!
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    very nice. I can't wait until the day I have money to do something like this to my car.
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    Very nice iCar tvbi. :)
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    out of couriosity how mch did the screen cost,and did u have to do any mods to get it to work
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    the screen is $345 :eek: no mod to the screen except one thing.. OS X doesn't support 800x480 so I need to use DisplayconfigX.
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    you know....

    you know what would be if somehow, you got some type of swing arm/mount for your pb, and it could swing and from the passenger seat to you. So you could just reach out w. your right arm and select what you want. And if your passenger wanted to use the computer, he/she could have it swing right over his/her lap. I think i saw something like that on pimp my ride. woot!

    oh and i used to have that pioneer deck..its really nice.
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    That is truly wonderful! Nice work!
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    seems rather useless to me...
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    Um lets see:

    CD player with ability to play Mp3s - $200

    add a few hundred for the ability to play DVDs...
    add possibly a few thousand for a GPS solution...

    and yet you still lack the ability to:

    surf the internet (wardrive)
    play games
    OBDII (car diagnostics in real time data)

    plus a host of other things.

    Id rather a HDD full of music, possibly videos too, instead of even a 12 disc changer full of MP3CDs.

    GPS and OBDII are two almost indispensible things to have.

    All in all, for under $1000 you can have a decent apple carputer with all the accessories needed, for less you can have a PC windows machine. Youd never get that for the same price trying with, say, a Pioneer all in one solution or a builtin from the factory option.
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    Fine, ignore this thread and post someplace else!

    Speaking of in car video. I spotted a Ford Ranger driving down I494 in Minnesota with a DVD screen on his sun visor. He was WATCHING A MOVIE during rush hour. And Almost rear-ended a minivan 2 times!

    I want a computer in my Passat, however I am going to disable ANY video functionality, as I think it is worthless, and unsafe. I think i will need to go with an Intel though, as I want diagnostic software for my OBD2 engine management, and currently Ross-Tech does not have a Mac OS software version, and I doubt they ever will. Now that macs can dual boot on Intel, I should be good to go with a future setup! :) .
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    this is illegal. I believe the law states that there is to be NOTHING within eyesight of the driver that has moving images, except for informational type things like GPS.

    i am sure its a state by state thing, but if cars with DVD playability (like lots of soccer mom minivans) have the DVD playback LOCKED out the moment the car begins to move, then I am sure every state has a law against the driver being able to view video during driving.

    this can also mean some visualizers are illegal to use even when just listenting to music and as a screen saver. use your judgement.

    I honestly want video etc in my car, to pass the time while I wait in parking lots, traffic etc etc.
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    That's a really cool mod, nice work. :)
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    Can you get TV signal with that?

    That is a great setup. Inspiring.
    In time I might be able to get a cheap PPC mac mini from ebay and do this on my next car.

    What brand is that touch screen?
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    you can but its a hunker of a satalite (not top of the house type but big and black) and he wouldn't want to put it on his maxima usually they are on SUVs or trucks
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    Cool. So can you detach your PB from all that in case you need a laptop, or no?

    If I did something like that, I'd build a docking station or something.

    Sweet none the less. :D
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    What's the brand/model # of that screen? That's pretty neat!
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    In at least 37 states it is illegal for the driver to watch a TV screen while driving. (FYI)

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