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My iPad 2 rear shield....

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Gix1k, Mar 30, 2011.

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    Check it out. Got off Ebay for $17, SHIPPED! Perfect lineup!


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    Looks good. Can't tell for sure from the pics, but is that a sticker or some sort of plastic shell?
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    It's a sticker.. Kinda like the Zaag ones.
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    URL to buy it?
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    Easier to apply than the Zagg?
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    Just out of curiosity, what's so tough about the Zagg to apply? I just ordered one of those puppies and they ain't cheap ...
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    I have not used the Zagg's cause they cost too much. This one I peeled off the wax paper it was on. Sprayed the sticky side with a water bottle, applied it, slid it in place, used a squeegee to run the water from under. Corners are cut so they didn't stick down at first. The instructions say wait 5 mins or so after applying and hold them down. Did that and it's secure on all points. Perfect!
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    I may be naive, but doesn't water and iPads not mix?
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    I didn't say run the water hose over it. You have to wet the shield to align it. It you attempt to install one of these, dry, you're asking for a pricey screw up, imo!
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    Looks just like BSE but BSE is cheaper
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    This is perfect for me. All I use is the smart cover on this device. I've been very careful since the 11th to make sure I sit it down easy to prevent rear scratches. Now I dont need to worry.
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    Can't see any reason to buy one off of eBay when you can get a BSE.
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    NICE.......Mine had a full Yoshi, PC3, ASV Levers, Stomp Grip on the tank, the yellow and black one.:D

    I love the Case...well the sticker...LOL I use it with the smart cover i prefer my gadgets go to close as naked as possible.

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