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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by hugemullens, Jan 24, 2003.

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    My IPOD doesnt work anymore!! i plug it into my powermac and it doesnt repsond or boot, doesnt do anything when plug into the power brick either! is there some sort of trick or reset command for the ipod that any one knows? i bought it in july and the papers with it say it only has a 90 day warrenty. I thought it was a year. Man, i hope my ipod isnt a goner!
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    Ok. now i read though and found a post on exact same topic in the help section, sorry for not reading first......i tried the reset and it didnt respond, i will wait a while and hope for the best, sorry for posting without reading first.
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    Hold down the reset combination until it responds. The time it takes varies ... at least on mine.
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    Welcome to the club... I'll be on my fourth... repeat, FOURTH... iPod come February. I'm waiting until the very last day of my warranty (February 23) to take it in so I'll get the max extended 90 days before I'm S.O.L. should my fourth iPod go bad. I've treated each and every iPod like a baby, so the only thing you can fault it on is these things were NOT produced very well. Or am I just unlucky? :p
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    No, you're not unlucky at all. I am also using my 4th iPod. The good news is Apple always was happy to replace it with a 'refurbished" unit. The same problem I had. the battery will not hold the charge, ( after using it for several months ) But so far, the fourth one's a charm. I have not yet had any problems with it. Hope they have fixed the bug. Good luck!!
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    I got my first iPod in November of 2001. It got buggy over time, and totally died back in October (the low battery warning never went away). I took it to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store and got a new one (for free) in about an hour.
    BTW, the iPod has a one-year replacement warranty, and I haven't had a single problem in nearly four months with my new one.
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    1 year replacement warrenty? i read through the papers and all it said was a 90 parts/labor warrenty. I'll take it to the apple reseller around here when i get a chance (about 50 miles). I hope they can get me a new one. thanks for all the help everyone.
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    What if you get severe diarrhea that day? Better do it one day before. :D
    Ordered mine the day they were released. Got it in Dec 2001. Still kickin even though it's had a rough life. I use it at my shop as I work on cars so it's not in a sterile environment. Plus I carry it with me in my bag constantly, which gets tossed around a lot. I cant complain. Rugged as my iBook.
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    i had a problem with mine too, after 8 months it died (no way to reset it) i had to send it to holland but fortunately i had it changed one for free. the new one is working well.
    i think it is only a problem of battery: the quality of the battery was below the apple standardad maybe thay changed the battery supplyer
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    hey don't worry. we have slightly different problems anyway.

    My biggest problem is that even though my iPod works now, the firewire port's broken (not by me) so Apple's replacing it. It's a standard one year warranty which says that they'll replace it for you if it was not due to negligence, mishandling, etc.

    90 days? Where did you hear that?

    Good luck :)
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    My two cents:

    I have had my iPod for a little more than a year now. Only once I had to reset it (it froze because of a quick plug - unplug - plug sequence). I must say that my iPod must have been one of the first ones produced, and I really feel it's a high quality product. All of those that have had all sorts of problems I guess are just the unlucky ones.
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    there are always a couple of rotten apples...

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