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My New Computer Room!!!

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Macmaniac, Aug 30, 2002.


Do you like our new computer room?

  1. Yes it looks alot better!!

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  2. No, I hate it change it back!!

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    After several years of convincing my parents to redo our computer I finally suceeded! We finished today and our new funrniture is in! Our iMac finally has a decent room to call home. Here are a few pictures of the progress of the room from start to finish.

    Here is how the setup originally looked. Notice the naked plaster wall behind the computer.

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    The computer has been packed away and moved we are ready to move stuuf out.

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    The wall paper has been removed and the walls have been washed down. The glue took forever to remove!
    The walls have been primed and are ready to be painted.

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    The painting has started and we have a nice new yellow paint to replace the old ugly wall paper. Almost done but the woodwork had to be all painted white.
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    Oops forgot to post the pic.

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    Here it is the final result! A great new desk was added and we bought new file cabinets and book cases for storage. The room was finally done have a look!

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    Congratulations MacManiac!! That's a very nice desk for your iMac!! Nice job!
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    nice big desks are always a treat.... enjoy it

    once you get to college you'll be back on a tiny little box. ha
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    Great! Now could you build me a rec room?
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    yep, looks heaps better. we'll be renovating soon. i'll have to post some pics of my setup once it's all done...:D
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    Nice desk, enough room for any periphial you decide to get. Now make sure you get a nice big chair to go with it...
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    That may take awhile knowing my families speed in aquiring things. Our old chair is VERY beat up(The cover is falling off) but boy is it comffy!

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