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My PB arrived today...

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Scorched X, Jul 9, 2004.

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    Is it normal for the combo drive to be pretty loud when playing a CD or copying files? It's nice and quiet when I tried playing a DVD.
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    Yep. No worries. It is quite normal for the drive to spin faster when copying files.

    How loud are we talking about, though?
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    Definetely too loud for class. I can understand to be loud when copying files, but I thought it would be relatively quiet when playing a cd. :cool:

    All in all, I'm not disappointed with my Powerbook, but I'm not impressed either. Maybe that's because this is my first notebook...
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    the cd could be unbalanced that could be causing the extra noise
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    Too loud for class? What the hell are you in school for if you actually play dvds or cds during class?

    I can see the occassional game of snood, but come on...
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    It was a hypothetical scenario. :rolleyes:
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    Rod Rod

    congrats on the new PowerBook. yup the optical drive noise level can be a little unnerving... but on the bright side, it's better to hear it than to have that sound drowned out by excessive fan noise.

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