My powerbook is so ironic

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by choppedsui, Nov 10, 2003.

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    So my 15" powerbook died and I had heap loads of problems with it, but I became hooked on the mac, so I bought a 17" powerbook. One of the biggest gripes I had with the old one was using the keyboard in the dark. I was so looking forward to using the "fiber optic backlit" keyboard in the 17". What's funny now is that I can't use it because when its on the light just blends into the reflective keys and I can't see anything -- I have to turn it OFF to use the keyboard in darkness!!! If they had kept the keys the translucent black (paradox?), then sure, that backlight would do wonders, but now the light from the screen just reflects off the keyboard and I see all the keys just fine. I will admit, there have been a couple of times that it has been useful, but overall, I keep it off. I like to write in bed before I sleep and these are the times when I always wish I had a 17" for the light up keyboard, and now, as I write this in complete and total darkness, the light is off.


    Let me add though, this machine is un-fcuking-believable (pardon the brand name) it is flawless.... other than the useless backlight!!!:D Everyone I know wants to lick it -- to bad that doesn't include me. :(

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    Re: My powerbook is so ironic

    Have you tired playing with the keyboard brightness? At the low levels I had that trouble, but once I cranked it up a bit I had no problems seeing the keys and find it very useful.

    Posted from my bed in complete darkess with the keyboard on so I can type...
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    Re: My powerbook is so ironic

    well... let me add though that it's not about the 17"PB.. Everyone wants to lick my 12"PB too, and just like you, sorry that doesnt include me! :)

    sorry to hear that the backlit keyb. didnt come out like you wanted.. I'm sure Apple's gonna fix it in the next revision, or even maybe its improved in the new 15"alubooks.. anyone having a comment on this??
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    Yeah, I have played with the settings a bit, but it just seems that I find it easier to see off than I do on. I am not complaining so much, more just something to laugh about.

    I personally would find it easier if the backlight color was red (like the iPod - man that would be so cool looking.... ) or blue or anything but white - it is just too similar to the reflective light. How about multiple LEDS so you can pick the color according to your mood?
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    Better yet, like mood rings. The powerbook picks its colour depending on your mood...
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    good idea! maybe we should write this to Apple..

    not blue maybe but red would be looking really cool...
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    Westside guy

    Have you looked at other powerbooks?

    Have you compared this with another powerbook - say at an Apple store? I'm wondering if there's something wrong with your particular laptop.

    The only time I see anything like what you're saying is when the room lights are low but not off (and then I can rectify it manually by increasing the keyboard's light levels w/ "F10"). When the room lights are off then the keyboard letters on my 15" PB are pretty bright and quite legible.

    The notable exception to this are the function keys - they aren't lit up worth a darn in any situation - which can make it a pain to find "F10".
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    Backlite Keyboard is Awesome !!!

    I've never had this problem, i turned it to max and it works GREAT.

    I use this in dark sound studios, outside at night, in bed, in my car, the keyboard works awesome everywhere.

    i dont know how people live without this feature.

    it is the one feature that surprised me the most. i thought it was just a gimic but now its something i cannt live without.
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    It's all aobut hte angle that you are viewing your keyboard from. I initially had the same impresssion and felt that it was a bit of a waste. But when you look at it from a higher position down, you definately see it.
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    Icekey -- I think you solved it... I did not ever think about it, but every time I am using the computer, I am laying down in bed on my stomach and the computer sits essentially and face height. I tried taking it into the closet just now and for the first time, looked down at the lit keyboard, and the light is much more pronounced when looking down onto it rather than at an angle. Thanks for the tip, but yeah, I like my idea -- I think someone should come up with a mod to make the backlight red like the iPod! I think that would help to see the keyboard from any angle.

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