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My Setup! (LIST) Is there anything else that I need 2get. PLEASE HELP! I TRUST U!

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by theapex, Mar 19, 2008.

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    ok this is a list of my current setup. I am just wondering if there is anything else that I may need to help have the best possible workflow and sound.

    MacBook Pro 2.16 17 inch maxed out 2GB RAM
    Tascam 1082 Firewire Interface, Controller, Mixer
    500GB external Firewire 800, 400, USB 2.0 Hard Drive
    Beringher Eurotrack 12 channel mixer
    Korg Triton Classic Pro X (88 keys...weighted for piano playing...also decent sampler, and sounds)
    Roland JW-50 Workstation (just used as MIDI keyboard)
    Roland VS-880 (used for many different things...mainly for effects and sampling) (I'll explain if someone needs me to)
    KRK-RP8 Studio Monitors

    Reason 4.0
    Logic Studio 8
    GarageBand (for just getting ideas down when short on time)
    Ableton Live (trying to learn to use it for time stretching task...)
    Audacity (for taking out parts of songs for sampling...)
    Recycle (chopping samples and getting them ready for reason.)

    Am looking into getting a larger monitor, but that is secondary and will come later.

    I am also thinking about picking up an Axiom or something similar because of the pads and other knobs and things that the midi keyboard controllers have on them...(WHAT DO YOU THINK I SHOULD DO ABOUT THAT SITUATION?)

    If there is anything that anyone could suggest that I may have overlooked, please let me know. And if you don't mind, please explain why I may need this.

    If you want to know how I use any of the equipment that I already have...feel free to ask.
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    Does it work? Does it fulfill your musical needs? If so... Why do you need something? If no... What are you missing?
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    I suggest you start making some music with it mate.

    I see gear blindness all the time in the Uni I lecture at, perfectly capable composers and producers spend days agonising over this plug-in or that synth, when in fact the core business is not the tools, but the music.

    Your music will not sound any better for a new synth or effect, and all you do is increase the amount of variables that you need to wade through in order to make some music.

    Your system is fine, go write a great song.
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    At this point yes everything works...(well the tascam 1082 hasn't made it in the mail just yet, but I am sure it will work LOL)

    Yes it fulfills my musical needs...,

    "why do I need something"..."what am I missing?" Man you guys know so much stuff about pro audio that I don't know. I just respect your opinions and wanted to see what you thought about the setup. Let me know if there was anything better to replace things that I do have...or things that I have left out completely. Thats all. I don't have all the compressors and effects processors, etc that you all have. Just thought someone would be able to suggest something that I may not have thought about.
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    It looks like a nice setup to me

    I think you are going to be very happy with it. Maybe a turntable, to rip samples from vinyls, if you - like me - have tons of good stuf on that media - It is also nice for making scratch effects etc.

    How are they?, i've been thinking about getting them, since my old monitors died. (Sorry if im hijacking your thread)
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    The turntable would be a great option, but I don't have any records and any songs that I want to use, I just use mp3s, reason, and recycle.

    Is there a reason to want to use vinyl instead of digital?

    I love the KRK RP8s. But I have yet to REALLY hear what they can do...if you know what I mean. I live in an apartment. But from what I have heard..I love them. I still use the ol' sony headphones though quite a bit. (the ones that you can get for $20 at Walmart) Been using them from about 5 years now. Can't justify buying anything else.
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    Well.... Even though we mess with music it doesn't make us pros. If I have problems with Logic Studio I won't ask here (no offense) ,but I'll ask that on for example: http://www.logicprohelp.com/forums.php.

    If the stuff you have suffices, then simply use them. Try to keep the Gear Acquisition Syndrome in check. It is better to have a few things and know them inside out, then have a whole bunch of stuff and hardly know how to use it.

    I still do a lot of concerts with my old Yamaha DX-7 and Roland D-50. Simply because I know them like the back of my hand. I am in the process of getting to the bottom of Logic Pro and various softsynths, but it will be a long time before I add them to my regular setup.
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    can anyone direct me to nice compressor that won't make me have to spend that much more money. I just looked up some stuff and now I understand what it is for. You connect a compressor/limiter to the insert points on channels 1 & 2 and it helps keeps the recordings from distorting if things get too loud.

    oh yeah, in this sense of application, is there any other things that can be attached to these insert points besides a compressor...I assume that attaching something to these insert points are applied to every input, and not just input 1 & 2?
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    you shouldn't use a compressor to keep your levels from overloading, you should turn down the thing feeding the a/d converter.

    to answer your question, the FMR Really Nice Compressor is a great bargain at $175. but i'm not convinced you need anything in those inserts at all.

    pretty much the only time i'll use compression at record time is for tone. if i use compression for effect, it'll be at mix time.

    if you're worried about, say, a vocalist singing the verses quietly and the choruses loudly, then record it in two passes. don't rely on a compressor to keep those levels in check; you won't get the sound you want.
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    thanks zim, so why do they have the feature in there to be able to insert the compressor/limiter if it's not a good idea?

    also how would I turn down the thing feeding the a/d converter if it is going directly to it....(a mic for example?)
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    inserts are a fine feature, i'm just saying you shouldn't rely on compression to watch your levels for you. instead, use compression for tone (i like to use an 1176 while recording vox) or use an EQ.

    i'm not certain which piece of gear we're talking about, but lack of gainstaging between components is something you lose with one of those combo-interfaces. it's handy to have a mic pre with an output knob for this very purpose.
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    I am talking about the Tascam 1082. Maybe I do need to get an external piece of gear then that will allow me to monitor input gain
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    To me a compressor is a thing that will make sure that soft sounds are the same loudness as the loud stuff. So this is essential for vocals as vocalists tneds to be shy in the beginning and more relaxed and therefore louder the longer the session goes on. Just so I don't have a trash metal song with whispered vocals and a ballad with thunderous ones I will use a compressor, but so far I've never used one for guitars or synthesizers. As for which one? I honestly have no clue. I "steal" the one from our bassist if I need it and that's it. If I want something new I normally actively search the net, reviews, musician forums, etc. To see whether the stuff I want is okay or not. And if not okay, then what is?

    By the way, take your time with micing and adjusting faders. If the input is crap, it will never become better. Distortion you can add, not subtract. Delays you can add, not subtract.
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    Well, Vinyls have a completely different "Warm" sound, than digital. An mp3 is compressed to something between - usually - 128 and 320 kbps. In that process you are bound to loose some quality.

    Take care
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    no, that's not what compression should be used for. vocalists need to warm up, sure, but we use later takes, comping, and automation first.

    how do you add delays with mic position and fader adjustments?
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    As compression is a sort of "automatic volume control" why shouldn't I use it? If I am working with a singer who sings in different volumes I can use the compressor to get the takes back on volume. It may be that later takes are better, but I'll hear that when the other takes are there.

    Effect Send/Return. For Logic Pro, use an insert effect.
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    hey, if it works for you, awesome.

    so it's *not* mic position and fader adjustment that get you an echo effect.
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    I am still trying to figure out what you mean by a compressor basically making all the volumes match...
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    (now that i have a few more minutes)

    the problem with this, in your singer-needs-to-warm-up scenario, is this:

    let's say you like take 8 of verse 2 and take 1 of verse 1. further, let's say that over 8 takes, your singer is now singing 5 dB louder on average.

    using a compressor, you're now compressing the entirety of verse 2 an average of 5 dB. that compression will impart a sound on the verse, and though your 2 verses may (or may not) be about the same volume, they're going to sound different.

    ergo, you shouldn't be using a compressor to do that. what you should be doing is automating volume curves and raising the level of verse 1 5dB or so, so their levels and sound match. THEN you can put a compressor on the track to smooth some peaks, and it'll be doing about the same amount of work across both verses, which results in a closer match of sounds.
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    Indeed. Are there laws on how to do things?

    How cute... Someone that can't read. I said to record stuff as dry as possible because you can add delay, not remove it. Maybe you want to make some coffee through fader adjusting as well? I consider this part of the conversation over. Find a new playbuddy for the debate club.

    Enjoy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dynamic_range_compression
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    Looks cool.
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    OK GUYS...

    I have a client that is considering comeing in and do some vocal work at the home studio...

    I need a VOCAL MIC (not for recording drums and other instruments, to strictly for vocals). I have phantom power and I would like to go the condenser route. Pricing is kind of important. But I am not going to offer a range cause I want to see what everything think without me limiting them. I can get prices lowered if I need to.

    Thanks in advance.
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    shure ksm32.

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