My stacksofmacs (literally)

Discussion in 'Apple Collectors' started by digitalrampage, Feb 2, 2002.


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    Well lets just say my collection is rather sizely.. I am 18 and have collected since i was 14..

    2xcolour classic
    2xclassic II
    1xmac II
    1xmac IIx
    2xmac IIcx
    1xmac IIci
    2xmac IIsi
    1xmac IIfx
    1xmac IIvi
    1xmac IIvx
    1xportable BL
    1xduo 210
    1xduo 230
    1xduo 270c
    1xduo 280c / 2300c
    3x duo docks
    3x duo dock II's
    1xpb 100
    1xpb 140
    1xpb 145b
    1xpb 150
    1xpb 170
    1xpb 180
    1xpb 1400cs (well its smashed to bits)
    1xperforma 5200
    1xperforma 580
    2xlc II
    1xlc III
    1xlc 475
    2xlc 630
    2xlc 520
    1xnewton 110
    2xnewton 120
    1xnewton 2000
    1xnewton 2100
    3xnewton keyboards
    2xcentirs 610
    1xquadra 950
    1xquadra 700
    tonnes of service parts
    1xApple TechStep
    2xApple Set top box (on order)
    1xApple PowerCD
    lots of manuals
    1xPowermac 6100/60
    1xpowermac 6100/66
    1xpowermac 6100/60PC
    3xpowermac 7200/120PC
    1xpowermac 7220/200
    LaserWriter II
    LaserWriter Select 360
    Lots of advertising banners and posters

    Theres probably more but I can't keep up with my gear sometimes..
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    my power mac is worth more than all of them

    dude Im from sydney to
    were are you from
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    Ensign Paris

    I have 34 macs in my collection,

    There is another thread with them in somewhere.
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    oh wow...

    I want to have a few collector Macs....

    but that's ridiculous! :eek:
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    me hate windows


    I have about half that many computers. But I have somewhere around 10 apple printers that all work, i lend them to family. I have a Newton MP500 that I am trying to fix, but I think its toast.
    Im just too lazy to list my stuff. Oh yea, and I have a ton of those old "think different" posters with Edison and all of the other "thinkers"
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    Piccies of my collection

    Well a couple of them anyway.

    Attached Files:

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    I've only owned 5 macs and maybe 15 peecees (got into pcs first).

    But, I have owned 2 Lisas...
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    Maybe, maybe not...the 2K Newtons styill command a pretty hefty price. I've recently seen MIB Newton 2100s go for USD 1400.
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    Re: cool

    "MP500"? hmm...never heard of that one.
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    Re: Piccies of my collection

    That's pretty neat, but you need to find CRTs for all of them and bask in the radioactive glow in your room.

    Dang, you're 18 and been collecting for 4 years? When do you find the time for drugs, fighting, crime and sex like I had during my formative years?
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    Point... well I do drink heavily sometimes... and the way I drive is generally a crime...

    I feel like an F1 racer sometimes :)
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    Do they all work?
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    Yes they all work

    They all work except the 1400 and the powermac 5200 has a dead PSU.. and the LC 630's are both missing the PSU's because I sold them. :)

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    And I thought I had many Macs... (about 15...)

    But I now got a DP 800! :D :D :D
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    You wanna sell that Newton 2100?
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    No unfortunately

    Im a collector.... Im too attached...
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    I only have 2:(
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    Epoxy. A shotgun. Tequila.

    That stack of beige crap would come apart nicely with a few hand grenades...........

    Saving, of course the 1st edition toasters if you have any. They have a Woz signature in the inside of the case moulded into the plastic.:rolleyes:
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    Time for eBay!

    My 8500 got stolen when my moving van 'disappeared' late last year.

    I now have a new QS which eBay paid for (cost me $120 out of pocket). Here's how:
    By a machine that is really a deal (like a 7500 512/2x9gb, with 15" Multiscan, keyboard & mouse for $120 shipped). Buy another machine, which takes parts from your first. Fill the second machine with all but your minimum parts necessary to boot your first. Write a really good listing on eBay, and start it between 6-8PST.

    Sell your first machine for what your first and second machine cost combined.


    I've had 25 Macs this year, and now am happily typing from a QS! ..all for $120 & some time.

    I used to think having a bunch of older machines would be great, but collecting anything requires space, and frankly, I can't justify using any of my space to shelve an LC (this is very expensive for us San Franciscans).

    If I were digitalrampage, I'd keep the 1984 machines, and those that are in ACTIVE use, eBay the rest, and buy a QS. That way my best machine wouldn't be a 7200!
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    ummm what dont you have of apples computer line?

    no pipins?
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    I have many starmax 5000, and 4000's about 5 i think, several apple II's including a limitied edition woz, a quadra 630, lc 475, performa 575(my first computer way back in first grade) several se's, a palm m100, and a g4 533

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