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My Stupidity and Disk Utility Erase with Zeros

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by oldschool, May 9, 2004.

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    I stupidly began to erase my hard disk with zeros using disk utility on the Software Install disk.

    I had 40 gigabytes of data on my 60 gigabyte disk...does anyone have any idea this is going to take? its been going 30 minutes now.

    Is there any way i can safely stop it? there is no cancel button.

    I was plannin on erasing the disk anyways, but i just don't want to wait for this stupid overwrite to finish.
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    There is no way I know of to saftly stop it (that I know of). Thats why I never mess around with the install disks, unless I need to INSTALL OS.

    Lesson of the Day: Back up your stuff regularly.
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    no i backed up my stuff. i was planning on erasing the disk anyways...i juts don't want to wait for this stupid overwrite to finish.
  4. 7on
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    meh, I won't try to cancel as it might ruin your HDD. Shouldn't take awefully long. 30 minutes is a cakewalk.
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    alright, it only took 1 hour.

    now i just have to phone apple....ask for a replacement.

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