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Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by 77sunsetstrip, Sep 30, 2012.

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    Let me start with a confession. I am an Apple fanboy. However, I became bored with iOS. I just could not and cannot get excited about the iPhone 5. Three friends of mine bought the Galaxy S3 and waved them in my face. The interface was so alive and colorful! How glorious it looked. In comparison, my iPhone looked drab. I became obsessed with Android. I was dreaming of Android. I lusted for Android.

    So I went out and bought a Nexus 7 to see what Android is really all about. I have spent a week working with it almost non-stop. I gave up my iPad during this period. Android has a fairly steep learning curve, but I've really got the hang of it by now.

    I know I'm going to get flamed for this, but I have to say that Android is years behind iOS and the Apple ecosystem. Android is positively primitive. It's like going back to the kind of fidgety phones we have before the iPhone. It’s nothing like the silky smooth experience of iOS and iCloud.

    However, I have found Android to be great FUN, especially the widgets and live wallpapers!!! More fun than iOS by far. I guess that's what people must like about it. The fun factor should not be underestimated. So I really do like my Nexus 7, not because it’s good, but because it’s enjoyable. That’s why I will keep it.

    In comparison, the iPad and iPhone look dead. There is no movement on the screen until you launch an app. Perfect, but boring.

    I had read that the apps on Android were inferior to iOS apps. I have certainly found that to be true with respect to RSS readers. On Android, I have tried D7, gReader Pro, NewsRob, and Reader HD. They are OK, but just OK. They cannot be compared to the vastly superior RSS reader apps on iOS, especially Mr. Reader (superb!), Feeddler (very good), and Reeder (good). Perhaps inherent limitations in Android prevent the development of excellent RSS apps. (I can discuss my thoughts regarding RSS readers further if anyone wants me to get into the details.)

    I use X-Plane flight simulator app on iOS which is wonderful. The X-Plane app on Android sucks. For instance, when I land at SFO or Innsbruck on iOS, the airport buildings are all there in glorious 3D. On Android, they are missing completely. And on Android, I cannot see the cockpit instruments and the outside view at the same time.

    I have found Safari iOS6 to be far better than Chrome. Reading List and Reader mode on Safari are excellent and there are no equivalents on Chrome. Also I have found it much harder to find bookmarks on Chrome.

    I had problems with the Android stock calendar app which does not work well with iCloud, so I looked for a better calendar app. I went with Business Calendar, which is just OK. I could not find a calendar app gets even close to the usability of iCal on the iPad or iPhone.

    Siri iOS6 DESTROYS the Android version. But I suspect that will improve on Android. It needs to!

    On the other hand, speech dictation for composing e-mails and notes on the Android is great and I found it to be better than iOS, because you can see what you’re saying very quickly and easily delete the last thing you said as there is a pop-up for that. Very nice.

    Scrolling on the Nexus 7 is jerky, even with the “butter” in Jelly Bean. That’s one of the things that gives it a primitive feel. Perhaps it’s not a problem on other devices.

    To summarize, there are some really nice things about Android and its fun, but iOS leaves Android in the dust. The idea of switching to Android as a primary device is a non-starter.

    So I began to wonder, why did my three friends opt for an Android phone as their primary device? Then the penny dropped. All three of them have told me at one time or another that they hate Apple. They will never buy anything Apple. So they love Android because there’s nothing else – and as I have said, Android is fun.

    In conclusion, I would never switch from iOS to Android. However, I will continue to enjoy my Nexus 7 and use it as a companion to my iPad. :)
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    After a quick read of the title, I knew this would be a post designed to bash Android. They always are.

    Funny how it is... I enjoy iOS _and _Android immensely.

    They each have their strengths, something I choose to enjoy. :)
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    Glad you had a pleasant experience with the N7.

    I do agree, it still is a little 'primitive' when it comes to integration and a few other things.. But with how things are setup right now, they have an opportunity to really change things next year with their next OS.

    The Notifications Center in iOS is a joke... It is far easier to navigate and use in Android. Also, the dedicated back/home/task manager buttons are without a doubt a great innovative feature. I like how my screen can be completely black and flat.
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    Unless you have everything linked to your Google account (as most Android users do).

    Ask the developer why. This has nothing to do with Android itself.

    Reading mode is unnecessary as Android reflows the text to fit the screen no matter the zoom level, unlike Safari which keeps the formatting. Great for looks, poor for reading, hence the necessity of the reader mode.

    There are a million browsers on the Play Store and I'm sure there are a few out there with these features and more. The beauty of Android is that you can easily set them to the default so it integrates into the OS as if you were still using the stock browser.

    The stock Calendar app integrates very well with Google Calendar. It's not supposed to work well with iCloud.

    Google Now? That's hilarious. It's the other way round. I'm assuming you're only saying that because Siri can 'chat' with you and Now doesn't?
    Now is infinitely faster, way more accurate (for speech to text) and actually speaks the information it gets to you, unlike Siri, which just pulls up the Wolfram Alpha listing. The ONLY advantage of Siri that I can see is that it can have silly conversations with you. Great for showing off to friends, absolutely worthless in real life usage.

    Not in my experience and in anyone else's experience based on the reviews I've read, but okay.

    And here you have one person who doesn't hate Apple yet prefers Android. It has nothing to do with whether or not it's 'fun'. I'm sure you're going to find many others who think this way.
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    If you ever need your phone to tell you a joke, Siri is the only option you've got. Google is lagging far, far behind Apple on the technological humor front.
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    Totally disagree with the op on every point. I use my n7 more now than my ipad3. Jellybean is exciting. Ios is boring, which is the only legimate thing the op said.
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    They did integrate the easter egg "Do a barrel roll" into Google Now. :p
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    Really? Holy ****. That's it, then. The mobile wars are over, folks. Google has now officially won.

    Anyone want to buy my iPad?
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    This is the one thing I really agree with you on, and what frustrates me about Android the most. If I could have iOS' smooth scrolling and smooth transitions and effectively everything else from Android (bar some of the lower quality apps), I'd be 100% happy.

    Although there are new drivers being released in an OTA update for the N7 soon which will improve touchscreen interaction, so hopefully that will improve the situation.
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    I do feel every year Android seems to be gaining some ground on iOS though. Wonder how Key Lime Pie will stack up against iOS.
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    ...more later, slight former.
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    Android makes iOS look dated and stale, if KLP keeps up the pace Android's been setting, it should be one awesome update. I just wish user interaction was given the highest priority in KLP, then it'd be a joy to use.

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