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Nano Dock

Discussion in 'iPod' started by nylock10, Dec 19, 2007.

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    I have an iPod nano dock I used for my first generation nano, I want to give it to my parents who will be getting a 3rd generation nano. Will it fit, or do I need to buy the expensive universal dock with the IR sensor?
  2. SXR
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    According to the pictures, I dont think it will fit. You should have gotten the Universal dock in the first place, its only 20 euro more and it will work with all iPods. Past present and future models. Maybe they will make such a nano dock for the third nano sometime , but best bet is to go with the universal dock.
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    Yeah the Universal docks are very good, just pop in the bundled Dock adapter and your new iPod will fit perfectly. The new ones also come with a remote which is always a bonus.
  4. SXR
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    Yes exactly , but the remote looks like kinda pointless. what does it do ? when you have your ipod plugged into the computer , you can change tracks and stuff and that will play trough the computer speakers? or what woul dbe really cool , would it activate Front row?
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    I think when you have external speakers plugged into the Dock you can control the actual iPod with the remote, much like using the remote with a Mac.
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    The new docks are pretty neat though, but can you control the volume from the iPod or do you have to adjust the actual speakers you plugged in?

    The nano dock locks the iPod's volume and the only way to change it is to use the speakers volume adjuster.
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    im sure you can control the volume via the remote because ive seen it work. Just put your speakers on max, and adjust volume via remote.
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