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Nano Menu screen

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Merryman, Jul 20, 2012.

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    I have 2 current nanos. The button to access the menu screen stopped working on both. Any suggestions.
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    The button to access the menu? There are three buttons on the current-gen iPod Nano: Sleep/wake, volume up, volume down. You access the menu by a two-finger pinch motion on the screen or by swiping left until you get to the menu.

    If I just misunderstood your post, try restoring your iPods using iTunes. That should isolate if this is a hardware or software problem.
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    Wait, do you mean the power button isn't working? So you can't wake up the iPod?
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    Yes. Exactly.
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    Silly answer I know but have you made sure the lock button on the top isn't engaged?
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    There is no lock button on the current gen Nanos. It is like the iPhone/iPod Touch.
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    Sorry. I should've done my homework. It's the "sleep/wake" button that no longer works.
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    Have you confirmed that the nano works? If you plug the nano into a charger, the screen should come on. I would try to restore it to see if the sleep button comes back to life. If it doesn't, then the button is probably stuck

    I saw some google stuff on fixing a sticking button. Try searching for a stuck button.
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    Thx. The nano does work when plugged into charger. I use it in my car. Problem is when it's unplugged and the screen goes to sleep...there is no way to wake it. Just seems odd that I had the same problem with 2 nanos. I'll research stuck button as you suggested.
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    Well after further research I found that the sleep/wake button sticking is a common problem. Unable to fix. Thankfully I purchased with Amex who credited my account without question. I'm lucky. I'll wait for the next generation. Thx to everyone that responded!!
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    Yeah oops, for some reason I thought this was a 5th gen, lol.

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