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Need a bit of advice

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Fredstar, Mar 10, 2005.

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    Bear with me guys (This is not another ibook vs Pbook thread), I picked up a nice lil second hand 12" rev a Powerbook and i think it really is a stunning piece of kit, if it were a bird it would be Evangeline Lilly. Design wise i prefer the Powerbook a lot more than the ibooks. 867mhz is also definately fast enough for my portable needs for a laptop - that is Word/Mail/Firefox and general light use. But the battery life is between 2-2.5 (lowest settings) and the Airport reception isn't great at all, for example i can't use it in my room or in front of the tv, which i would like to do - something i could do with my old G4 ibook and my imac now. So i have two choices:

    1)Buy a new battery (£89) and buy a new Access point to extend coverage (£40)


    2) Go all out and Buy a new 12" Rev D and sell this one

    So a few quick questions to help me decide:
    1) Has the airport reception actually gotten better with the rev d Powerbooks?

    2) Has the battery life got any better?

    3) Has the screen got any better?
    There is a bit of lag on my present 12" and i am not sure if a combination of a better graphics card and a better screen would make the rev d's better?

    4) Is it any cooler?

    thanks guys, help me make my decision :)
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    Keep what you got

    I've got a rev. C PB and don't get near the AP reception that my iMac G5 or iBook get. Battery life is the same 2-2.5 hours, so I don't think a new battery would help much. I would keep what you got for a year or so then get the next generation (G5?) when it comes out.
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    What are you guys doing? If I turn down the screen brightness I get 3-3.5 hours on my 15" Rev C Powerbook.

    The new 12" does have a few new cool features. Like scrolling on the trackpad and Bluetooth 2.0 plus a standard 5400rpm hard drive. Although I doubt it gets any better Airport reception.
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    My Powerbook is like 2 years old, it is the good ol Rev A so it has been through quite a few cycles already.
    While those features are nice (won't use/need BT 2.0) and getting a new Powerbook is great and just fresh, i just am not sure i can justify getting a new one.
    The main thing i would be looking for is a better battery life and a bit better Airport reception than my 'rev a' so i can browse/work while watching tv and around my bedroom, also a better screen with less lag when moving windows etc and perhaps a slightly cooler one (not necessary really but does get a lil bit uncomfortable on my lap)
    Considering i could be spending about £960 with education (i am a student) for a brand new 12", and if i sell my present one i guess i could get about £570, add on £90 for battery and that is near £700...for another £260 i could get a brand new pbook, a faster processor etc etc
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    anyone care to give their opinion on the rev d pbooks screen quality?
    Is it any better than the Rev A's or does the better gfx reduce the lag that i see with my rev A?
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    PB, since being metal, have trouble with wireless over distances. I think its because of the metal its made of, it shelds the antenna. I know my iBook I could walk far away from a base station and still get a connection, while my new PB only gets about half the distance. Its a bummer alright.
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    I have a RevA 12" and no troubles at all. Tested it out in our house. I have 1-2 bars 20 metres away from the base station through 2 stone walls!.
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    If you can't resolve the airport situation any other way. I would try and sell it and buy a newer model (atleast rev c).

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