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Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by LastLine, Apr 2, 2007.

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    Ok, so I'm looking to host a site for a friend, and I have some basic needs.

    Low cost: Sub £50 for the year (or equivalent for each year if a multiple year contract)
    URL included preferably - hopefully something simple, .org,, are ideal.
    MS Access database support - because I don't know SQL.
    PHP support.

    Umm that is about it I think...any thoughts? :)

    Alternatively, how can I set up a web server on my mac? :)
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    You should be able to find all of that, although the MS Access might a hard one to find.

    I started a thread like this recently and got lots of great feedback. Here's a link to that thread; you might start there:
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    PHP and MS Access are unusual combination. PHP is usually offered on Linux based hosting while Access is exclusive for Windows based hosting.

    It's usually PHP/MySQL and ASP/Access.
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    The asp is best avoided for me.

    Reason I'm looking for this combination is simply because it's what I've been taught so far. I don't have any knowledge of SQL - how easy is it to learn? Ditto for ASP.
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    Yes, SQL is pretty easy to learn. MySQL integrates extremely well (and easily) with PHP.

    Most of the info you'll need can be found on the web, just a Google search away.
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    OP -- find a site that offers phpmyadmin (it's common), that's a gui frontend to mysql. it has tools that can help you put together an sql statement, run it, then translate it to the php equivalent.
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    Of course, you may not learn SQL particularly well with something else writing it for you ;)

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