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Need advice please

Discussion in 'iPod' started by coolkiz, Oct 27, 2009.

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    I am importing my store bought CDs into itunes library. Many of the CDs, some very new, do not have any embedded information about title or singer. All I see is "Track #1" etc. This is frustrating. What can I do? Thanks
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    In iTunes preferences under the "General" tab, check "Automatically retrieve CD track name from Internet". This will get the information for songs right when you import them.

    For the ones you already have imported, select "Get CD track names" and "Get Album Artwork" from the "Advanced" menu option. I think you'll have to select all of your previously imported before selecting these two options.
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    For the unnamed tracks, I do not have that options under "advanced" tab. I have upgraded to itune 9.01 and that looks different now. So how do I get the names of songs for unnamed songs already imported to my library? Thanks,
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    The option should still be there in iTunes 9: "get CD track names from database" or something similar. Make sure to have all the tracks of that one album selected and in the right order, otherwise it won't work of course.

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