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Need help extracting an old resource fork

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by kogorman, May 12, 2006.

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    Once upon a time I programmed a text-based game with the original Mac OS. I have since lost my source code, and no longer own a Mac, but I'd like to resurrect the game for another platform.

    My problem: a great deal of text is in the resource fork, in a (slightly) encoded form, but when I try to (for instance) unstuffit, all I get is the data fork, which is empty. The stuffit file is compressed using an unpublished algorithm, so I don't know how to get it in a usable form.

    I need the program's resource fork in an un-compressed file. I remember the encryption well enough to know how to find the text from there.

    The game is Crystal Cave (most recent version is 2.2, I think).

    Anybody know how I can get from here to there?

    ++ kevin
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    I did a little research and it seems like you can access the resource fork of a file in the terminal by appending /rsrc to the filename. Lets say the filename is crystal.bin, you should be able to copy the resource fork into the data fork of another file, crystal_resource_fork by issuing the following command:

    cat crystal.bin/rsrc > crystal_resource_fork
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    This is helpful, but I do not have immediate access to any form of Macintosh any more :( . If I supply the file, can someone do this for me? You'll find a binhexed stuffit at

    I can accept attachments directed to:
    kevin at kosmanor.com.

    Thanks in advance. Expect an internationalized version of the game in due course, this time as an open-source project.

    ++ kevin
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    I'm trying to send you and e-mail, but I keep getting this error in return:

    ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
    <kevin at kosmanor.com>
    (reason: 554 <kevin at kosmanor.com>: Relay access denied)

    With the real 'at' instead of at of course. I've tried from two different smtp servers.

    I've uploaded it here instead.
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    Thank you very much. I dunno what's with the relay problem.
    I'll have to try this myself.

    I don't actually use that addr much any more, but wasn't
    aware it went bad. Security measures overdone, I expect.

    ++ kevin

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