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Need Help finding a Photoshop shape

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by Thornie, Aug 30, 2007.

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    Hey all. I turn to you guys because I've searched like a mad man for the last few hours trying to find a photoshop shape or dingbat font that replicates the "film festival selection" logo. I'm talking about those little wheat plants that cradle the text of a film festival selection...

    some examples...




    Anyone have any ideas? Any help would greatly be appreciated!! =)

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    Jim Campbell

    I would have thought that first one would be good enough for an Illustrator trace. In fact, if I wasn't at work, I'd do it for you ... Sorry!


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    yeah like he said. why dont you take it into illustrator, use the pen tool and draw out one of the leaves, and step and repeat or copy and paste just for multiple leaves. it would take probably about 5-10 minutes, a lot easier than trying to find one for photoshop, plus then it would be in vector form.
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    Yeah, thats what I eventually wound up doing. Thanks everyone!

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