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Need Help Identifying these!!! PLEASE HELP!

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by TJunkers, Sep 6, 2009.

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    Hey everyone! First, sorry for using all caps in my headline, but this is very important. I am replicating the living room from American Psycho in 3D for a project of mine and need any info on his entertainment system. I need either the exact models, or anything close to it. Any help you can give would be great!


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    Thank you thank you thank you!!!!
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    You're quite welcome. Now, however, curiosity demands I ask: May I enquire as to the nature of a project which would need such an obscure detail? I mean, needing the sound system from American Psycho? That's gotta be interesting at least....
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    haha yeah, I am recreating the entire apartment in 3D using 3Ds Max for a motion graphic I am making... sounds weird I know, but I need to create everything in this apartment in detail. I found the make and model of almost everything but the entertainment system. haha Will post it when I finish!
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    HA, I owned all of that Harmon Kardon stuff back in the early 80's. The cassette is, I think, a CDA-491 (I am pretty sure about the 491, not just the letters).

    The smaller preamp/amp/equalizer was part of the Harmon Kardon 700 or 770 series. HK775 rings a bell for maybe the pre-amp or the stereo amp. They also had (which I owned also) a mono amp (of course I had two of them) that were essentially the stereo amp bridged.

    I am embarrassed that I cannot remember the models. I know I have the original sales brochure of the lineup somewhere but after 3 moves it's in a box somewhere.

    If you are still needing model numbers lemme know and I'll did up the info.
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    I knew I had a pic...

    Here ya go (if you still need 'em)

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    If it helps, that's Fore! by Huey Lewis and the News in his hand.


    Never seen the movie that picture is from, but I owned that CD.
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    Never seen that movie? I thought that was mandatory to see that movie, do it ;)

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