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Need help installing Logic 9 on new Mac mini

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by stlpaul, Jan 17, 2013.

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    Hello all, I'm trying to install a physical copy of Logic Studio 9 on my new Mac mini and not having the best of luck.

    I have put the discs in that have been requested, and it said the installation was successful. But there's no button (that might be the wrong word lol) to open Logic. There's a "Logic Node" that doesn't do anything, and "numbers game" on the desktop that also doesn't do anything.

    How do I solve this problem? Please help!
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    Have you looked into the Applications folder for Logic Pro or used Spotlight (CMD+SPACEBAR) to search for it?
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    If you can't find the application (as simsaladimbamba suggested) the easyest way is to open a logic file/project (double-clicking it), it will definitely open Logic (assuming it was indeed installed).
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    if you cant find the applications, as mentioned above, open a project.

    if you cant find a project, there's some demos on the supplied DVDs.

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