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Need help on making a special application in Interface Builder

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by maxamity, Sep 28, 2008.

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    I am looking on how to make an application for receiving packets or variables, and sending them to something such as a flash game. I want to be able to also search for them so it is a little bit organized. In order, I need the ability to record, search for packets, receive packets, and send packets especially to a flash game.

    Some examples of recording are recording what I do on a flash game, then receiving those packets to get things such as gold or items on a Miniclip game.

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    Lol... what exactly do you need the help with? Have you done anything already? What language? Do you have programming experience? Are you looking for someone else to do the work for you?
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    Sounds like he wants to cheat or hack the stream.
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    You can't do that in Interface Builder: it's for designing the app: you need to write code, and in this case quite a lot of code, to power it all. If you can't write code you can't do it.
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    I'm only trying to cheat on my own game lol.
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    Ok, what kind of code do you think I should write, and what program should I use to write code with?
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    Just looking for a little advice on what language to use. Yes, i have some programming experience. And no I want to do this by myself except for a small amount help.
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    Hold on, I think I have an idea...
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    maxamity, you can do an app to simulate key presses.

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