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Need help on packagemaker

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by thekalki, Oct 19, 2009.

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    Hi All,

    I am a newbie to the Mac World.
    I got a task of creating a package with packagemaker.

    some of the files and folders are part of payload of the package. Also the user has to download a zip file which contains some more files and folders.

    My job is to install the components as well as the files and folders in the zip file.

    I tried writing a postinstall script (shell script) for one of the component/content to copy those files to the location where the other files will get installed.

    Can you help me. I am not sure whether the postinstall script is working or not, as i cannot see anything in console.
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    Maybe it is not what you want but I often use tar command to pack the software, files and catalogs. Very handy way of packing files together.

    To unpack it the user may use a tar command or just click on the tarbal zipped file.

    Here is the command in the Terminal, I assume that all what you need to pack is under the MinApp.app catalog.

    Your_-imac:user$ [B]tar -czvf MinApp.tar.gz MinApp.app/[/B]

    To unpack it on the command line you do following:

    Your_-imac:user$ [B]tar -xzvf MinApp.tar.gz[/B]

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    its not the question of untaring the zip files.

    Its the question of how add a script (shell script) to my product.pkg to copy the files which are available in the zip

    say i have /Downloads/dload.tar

    untar dload.tar
    next copy the contents to the location where the other files of my product are available.
    and change the permissions.

    I have written shell script to do the above.
    But this script is not working as part of preflight/postinstall.
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    Sorry that I missunderstood your question.


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